Looking for a high school welding project idea that will impress your instructor?

These welding projects won't only impress your shop teacher, but your friends and family too!

High school shop class can be a fun or terrifying experience for many high school students. Seeing a finished product after a semester of hard work is all worth it.

We might be a little bias but high school welding projects are way more fun than any high school history or math class ever was.

But, if you’re not sure what to do in the shop and don’t know where to start, we've got some great ideas for you to get started.

Most high school welding instructors will provide you with the basics and a few project ideas to get started. Depending on your class size, some shop teachers even let students venture out on their own and create their own projects.

If you are ready to go beyond the classroom and practice welding at home after school? Here is our favorite low-priced welder we recommend for beginners and high school students.

As a reminder, don't forget about welding safety. Even if other students are engaging in risky behaviors, don't it's not worth losing your eyesight or inhaling harmful fumes.

Note: the below welding ideas were created by student welders and professional welders alike. So don't get discouraged if your project doesn't turn out perfectly the first time.

3D Soccer Ball

Each kit includes everything you need to weld a complete soccer ball. The kit doesn't really come with great instructions, but you are there to learn the process of thinking through a project anyway. It's really not that difficult as there are really only two shapes you'll be welding.  Either way, this is a great display piece, or gift for any sports fan.

Each kit comes with 20 hexagons and 12 Pentagons. They are CNC Laser Cut before being cleaned and ready to weld right from the box.

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Aluminum Cube Kit

Weld Metals Online offers a variety of welding kits at affordable prices. These kits include everything you need to build a cube. They are easy to use and can be built quickly. Cubes are great tools for testing your fit-ups, tack welds, and outside corners.

You will find that they make excellent projects for the classroom or home shop. If you want the ready to go kit, you can get them from Weld Metals Online. But if on a budget just head over to your local hardware store. All you need is a total of 6 squares.

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Jack O Lantern 3D Puzzle

This welding project makes carving pumpkins look like child's play. Perfect for any Fall project. This holiday themed welding project is actually a bit “deceiving”

At first glance you get a simple pumpkin. But flip it around and you have an “evil” pumpkin. Spooky eh.

This project comes from Weld Metals online kits. It's a pretty basic kit, so don't expect much other than the metals, but it will be a fun puzzle for you to solve.

You'll be ready to weld out of the box with everything you need.  Show the neighborhood your pumpkin skills or make a great decoration piece that can go just about anywhere!

Approximate assembled dimensions are 12″ x 13″ x 7″

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Star Christmas Tree Topper

Homemade holiday decorations are all the rage. Instead of spending big money at the local Hobby Lobby, build a timeless Christmas tree topper on your own. While simple project, it's also bringing in some interesting engineering feats to the equation. Creating a star may not be all that difficult, but creating a Christmas tree topper that balances perfteclty on the tip top of your tree. We'll that makes the project even more fun.

Check out the kit from Weld Metals Online here. Each 11 piece kit features laser cut 1″ OD tubing with a 0.065″ wall available in Aluminum or Mild steel.

Approximate dimensions: 13″ tall by 10″ wide

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Wall Clock

Paul Via wanted a large clock to hang on the fireplace chimney in his home. He decided a 30-inch diameter wall clock project would be a great way to give a welding project a go. Via used 1/4-inch round mild steel rods for the inner and outer circles and 5/16-inch rounds for the numbers. The clock was finished with semi-gloss black paint and a single “C” cell battery powers the mechanism.

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Fish Artwork

Charles Buster fabricated this trout mobile as an artwork donation to a silent auction fundraiser for a family in the small town where he lives. You don't have to donate your artwork, but this is a fun welding project for any fishing enthusiast.

He welded washers together to form each fish; 5/8-inch washers on the large fish, 5/16-inch on the middle-sized fish, and 1/4-inch on the smallest fish.

To make it all come together, Charles used various colors of spray paint for the finishing touch.

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Flexible Shelf

Created by Leners based on a shelf design called Chuck by Natascha Harra-Frischkorn.

It's a wall-mounted shelf with a combination of steel bar and plywood. Let's be real, it's not going to store much, and it's functionality is well debatable. But it sure does look cool.

Perfect for putting a slim shelf in an entry way or narrow hallway.

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Yard Cup Holders

Need an accent piece for your firepit? How about a cupholder?

DIY welding projects making yard cup holders created with a Hobart Welder

Combination of steel rod and horseshoe, (horseshoe welding projects are great for beginners as low cost) great for the outside party to hold your cup. Also, the video tutorial for beginners to create the cup holders makes it easy to follow along for beginners.

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American Flag

DIY welding projects making American Flag created by Hobarts Welding Products.

This project is going to require a few unique parts they don't necessarily go over in the video. But it's still worth a mention. Hobart does a great job of providing step-by-step instructions. (With the exception of the stars section)

This project will only take you a day or two assuming you have the parts already so it's perfect for any beginner high school student or just a fun easy decor project for your home or garage.

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Welded Coffee Table Frame

Here is a great project. That will is great for a beginner, but the finished product should make you look like a pro.

Includes a video tutorial of this welded furniture project for making a coffee table with a detailed plan using a combination of steel bar and wood.

Good for home decor, make it look classy with a gloss finish or rustic with a unique piece of wood.

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Aluminum Boat Shop Project

This might be a little extreme for the average high school student. But this boat was created in an Advanced High School metal class.

Todd Rightmire, Career and Technical Education Director at Mt. Baker High School in Deming built in his Advance Metal Class.

The boat is made with 5086 aluminum (1/8” and 3/8”) on the stern. Students used the school’s Lincoln Electric MIG welder.  They also used the Lincoln Precision TIG® 225 welder with a thumb-controlled torch.

It was built for Northwest Washington Fair and won as Grand Champion. This may not work as an individual project, but maybe a great class project.

Just make sure you have enough aluminum and space to build if you plan to build the full size boat.

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Steel Cube Box

Steel Cube Box

A 4X4-inch steel cube used as a practice kit for newbie welders is an excellent way to improve their skills.
This kind of project helps the novice to exercise their skills, and the design helps to make perfect cube steel so they will no longer need to cut steel and form it into a cube.

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DIY Steel Chair for Outdoor Cushions


You can have this DIY steel chair and it is a great idea project for welders and can be set up in your house with this unique project.

This chair is ideal for use as outdoor furniture for family gatherings or any other occasion.

Simply weld the frame to fit the cushion style of your choice.

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Camping Stove

Now we are talking about a DIY storm kettle that can be used for survival and camping.

This kettle unique design that you don't need to find a fireplace to place it in because it's all in one. It's simple to use and comes in handy when camping.

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Paper Towel Holder

Paper Towel Holder

This is the first time I've seen a paper towel holder like this!

The horseshoe pattern on the base is unexpected; I had no idea a horseshoe could be utilized as a towel holder, and its unusual design makes it a nice home decor item.

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What is included in a school welding shop?
Most high school welding shops include basic welding equipment such as mig and tig welders. High schools with a high interest in welding may also include plasma cutters and other robotic welding equipment. Due to the high costs of equipment for a welding class high school welding shops are often restricted by the schools budget.

What type of welding is done for high school student welding projects?
Most high school welding will focus on the basics of mig welding. But this may vary depending on the instructors experience and welding education.

Virtual reality welding in welding schools?
Some high schools have begun to implement virtual reality welding in their curriculum. While most AR systems are primarily seen at dedicated welding technician schools they are becoming more popular.


Still haven't found a project you love? Reach out to your welding teachers or a professional welder in your area they will likely have a few more welding projects they have seen in past semesters that they can recommend.

Ready to graduate from your high school course to a full welding school. Check out our top tips for going to welding school here.

Or if you are more of a self-paced learner here are a few of our favorite welding books.