Auto bodywork is delicate and, therefore, requires a specialized welder. There are many different types of welding options available in the market, and while most to some extent can be used on auto bodies, there are a marginal number that will ensure an excellent result.

Auto Body Work - Best welding machine

The welder chosen should have some specific features including a spool runner for greater flexibility, regulator and gas hose, spool hubs and spool runners. This machine should be easy to use, and, therefore, can be utilized by a beginner.

Our Top 3 Welder choices for auto body work:

When choosing these welders, they should be able to function with gas or gas less. They should also be able to reach difficult areas adequately so that they can produce the best work.There is an extensive range of welders that can be used for auto body work.

This review features three of the very best, including their features and other important attributes.

Hobart 500554 Handler 190 MIG Welder 230V

This wire welding machine package is capable of welding 24ga to 5/16” steel and 16 ga to 3/16” aluminum. It features a spool runner that is excellent with working with auto bodies as it allows one to go around the full body without worrying about the length of the wire or having limited reach to sensitive areas. It has an output range from 25A to 190 A. With it, a ready to use spool gun is included.

It pairs up with the Hobart Handler 190 MIG welder, using the 10 foot 150 amp spool gun which leads to an exceptional welding package. This is because, in addition to its pre-existing capabilities, it is also able to function with MIG processes. This makes the machine very versatile, particularly ideal for auto body reports, thought it can also be used for household repairs or projects that require extra power.

It also has a built in gas solenoid valve and dual gauge regulator with gas hose. This makes it possible to function without gas as well as with gas when necessary. This makes it easier for MIG welders. The Hobart Handler is highly recommended for any home professional or a small shop owner because it is easy to use, durable and highly effective. It will also leave a clean finish as expected.


Lincoln Electric Easy MIG 140 115v FLUX Cored / MIG Welder 140 AMP Output, Model K2697-1

Lincoln Electric Easy MIG 140 115v FLUX Cored MIG Welder 140 AMP Output, Model K2697-1 Review

When working with a welder for auto body work, you need to find one that will deliver more benefits than any disadvantages. This welder has excellent advantages, the first one being the fact that it uses a standard 120v power source. This means that it is ideal for use in the home and the novice welder.

So when you are in the garage, you can safely use this welder in your automobile to finish off repair work. Operating it is simple due to the two knob tapped control that allows for an easy setup or gas-shielded MIG welding. It also has good safety features to avoid any accidents that may happen as a result of its use.

It is able to weld both aluminum and steel. It comes with additional accessories or parts including a regulator and gas hose; welding wire and shielded gas. It also has a brass to brass gun connection that helps to enhance the conductivity.

This welder is highly popular, so make sure that it is in stock before you place your order.  Check out our full review of the Lincoln Electric Easy Mig 140 here.


Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V

Of all the best welders for auto body work, the Hobart 500559 Handler wire welder is the most popular because it is of exceptional value. The reason that it has such good value is that it is MIG ready, meaning that there is no additional kit requires.

It is very portable, which reveals that is can be transported both indoors and outdoors, and used wherever and whenever it is needed.

As this welder is flexible, it can be used on auto body works as well as on household repairs and heavier farm projects. It only takes a few minutes to set this welder up and an easy to understand set up guide is included inside the cover of the welder.