What Plasma cutter suits my application best?

Plasma cutter reviews pronounce out that even if you are completely new to Plasma cutters, and you are considering a move to purchase the best Plasma cutter for your job. Let that not worry anymore below is a layout of guide lines that may help you in deciding what type, quality and effective or accurate laser for you to go for. With the use of various plasma cutter reviews this report was compiled.

There are various Plasma cutters that you may settle for, but your choice will be determined by your values and the type of application or job you want to perform. There are various types of cutting machines with different features and different prices. These features vary along with the quality of the machines this is clearly shown in the cutter reviews to follow.

Different users of the plasma cutters have varying functions for the machines; there is commercial and non-commercial use of the machines while at the same time there are different types of metals for cutting. All these factors must be considered when purchasing plasma cutters.  This guide will try to help different buyers to purchase the right machine for their work; mostly the paper tries to bring out the features and qualities of different Plasma machines. Let choice not daunt you, go for the best Plasma cutter for your application.

What to look for when purchasing cutter torch

Consumable cost and life

This is rated on the period it takes for a torch to cut metals before the replacement of the consumables. It is also a subject to the cost of the torch. The rating given by the manufacturers are limited and can be applicable in mechanization cutting.

Arc initiation

This may have many complications and incompatibility interferences with computerized machines. To avoid the problem a torch with contact arc is recommended. These torches have high voltages and capacitative startup mechanisms, which are repulsive to computer machines.

Cutting capacity

This involves the speed and maximum thickness of the material being cut. Again the manufacturer’s rate differs from one to another. This can be done better by comparing the machines power.


This is more concerned with the edge of the cutting and its straightness. The user needs to choose a torch that can serve and provide quality and consistent straight cuts.

Kerf width

This is the measure of fine cuts, buyers have to select torches that can fit into small orifice in order to have fine cuts.

Duty cycle

This value is rated in a conservative manner and this makes it loose its importance.

These are some of the factors that a plasma buyer has to consider before going for the plasma cutter. Different models offer different quality work than others; Great concern must be put in when buying a cutters torch. The price of a cutter doesn’t guarantee the best cutter; the quality is met in the torches and the performance of the machine.


Plasma cutter reviews show the current plasma cutter market has a variety of many cutters that out-compete each other in terms of function, durability, performance, sustainability and maintenance. This guide is giving you some of the best cutters in the market at the same time it gives the relevant information one has to consider to purchase the right plasma cutter for his application.

Below is a list of the best cutters reviews for cutters in the market, the information has been obtained from the customers rating of the machines according to their value and measure of work done, these cutters have been selected after consideration and compilation of different features and performances from the reviews.

Hobart 500566 Airforce 40i Plasma Cutter 240V

Hobart Airforce 40i is an economical cutter which cuts all conductive metals. The device is portable and produces high quality performance. It operates off 240V power unlike some with inverters that can run both 110V and 240V. It is very fast and convenient in cutting metals with a little heat affected area experiencing little warping. From the best plasma reviews show this machine has its own pressure and high technology application in its usage.

This is a great machine that is ideal for anything you can throw at it. The detailed attention that this plasma provides is astonishingly impeccable and outstanding. The torch of the cutter is sealed and covered with a hard protected sleeve that helps in preventing the torch from breaking or damage in the case it falls. The machine has a strong ground touch that makes it very stable when in work; the metal clamp is very firm for holding metals during cutting process. It has a unit fan which flows with a lot of power while the Hobart has a handle that makes it easy for relocation and moving from one place to another. The torch has vast grip and the power button is easy to switch.
Reviews show that Hobart rating is at 7/8 inch cutting level and from the experience of users it can handle even bigger and thicker metals, but it comfortably cuts the rated metals. More to this is that the torch doesn’t wear out easily when in operation. This is the best plasma cutter from the experience of users as it pays attention to all great and small minor operations

LONGEVITY Forcecut 40D 40 Amp Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage 110v/220v

This is very precise complete plasma, designed with exclusively distinguishable qualities from the other cutter’s, the Forcecut 40D cutter has added features not commonly found in other plasma cutters like water separation appliances, auto air regulation, smooth-cuts, interchangeable volt plugs that facilitate the usage of the plasma. This plasma enables user to cut painted and rusted materials.

This unit weighs 25lbs and has a handle which makes it portable, easy to navigate in outdoor activities; moving from location to another in the workshop is not a hustle with the Longevity 40D plasma. It also has a plastic bag which a hard box that prevents it from mechanical damage and dust when not in work. It comes as a package with working gloves and eye protection materials. This machine is capable of running on 110 or 220V.

The plasma has cord lengths, with the accompaniment of the torch is the grounding cable which is both at 12feet, this helps for mobility in the workshop. This also helps keep the machine away from the sparks produced during work time and hence this can guarantee durability of the machine.

It produces smooth cuts as it has extra features that make it more reliable for individuals. This cutter has a plug of 110 and 220 voltage which you can charge the machine, it has a 40 Amp plasma torch and a cutting edge of 3/4 inch; it uses low cost consumables hence very economical. The machine has got a compressor and hence it is a self-cooling system. This plasma has got an average price for its quality features.

Have you been looking for that top notch cut of metals, quality services are guaranteed with ForceCut 40d; very profound and has that special touch in your work this is the plasma for you. This is among the best plasma cutters in the industry.

2017 Everlast SuperCut51P 110v/220v Dual Voltage 50 Amp Pilot Arc Inverter plasma cutter

The super cut plasma has very effective high quality arc starting which cuts any type of metal, has easy to use cheap easy go torches parts and material products. This plasma has heavy duty of 60% rate in amperage. The cuts of the plasma cutter are outstandingly clean and smooth and are controllable in the usage of fuel. The system bears an adjustable torch and pressure which takes the level of the pressure manageable as it has an indicator of showing the status of the unit.

Super cut is among the top powerful machines, it has the ability to cut up to 1 inch steel and with 50 amps. It is a very desirable in the market as its price is pocket friendly. It has various features that make it explicit.
Has an air pressure adjustment appliance. This cutter allows the user to adjust the amount of pressure to exert when cutting, it gives a precise spot of focus during operation and hence the best choice in that. It is able to cut more precisely than 75 amps machine and comes as a small package. Cut more than rated 5/8 and shows the gauge of air pressure.

The unit is a great capture machine which gives quality assurance of its services, looking for that machine to solve your future  returns to tools shops, this is a good budget for you money. The Supercut offers lengthy warranty guaranteed services and it performs in all situations.

– Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter with Built-In Air Compressor 120V

This plasma has an in built compressor and has a lightweight inverter which is light and very strong. This makes the unit very strong and compact with a lot of features. It has a HP-25 torch which very effective and economizes the consumables, the plasma is very fast ad produces quality work.

This is the most compact machine and very reliable in terms sustainability. It has air compressor in it that gives the machine the pressure it needs in its job. It boasts great cutting ability as it cuts ¼ inch steel with a smooth cut and reliable performance.it also has a long power cord which is around 7 foot while others discussed range around 4 foot. It embraces a large torch button, this allows cutting of metals possible even when wearing gloves.

The torch is protected with a rubber sleeve which keeps it free from dust and sparkling cut materials. This is an ideal machine for users cutting metals within and less than ¼ inch. This unit serves it all with an air compressor and great multitasking abilities.

This is a go for plasma cutter; it dictates its style of cutting with a smooth and super cut that will actually catch your eyes. It is very economical and its performance gives back the value of your money.


Simadre  plasma Cutter review

Simadre CT 5200D 110/220V

Simadre CT 5200D 110-220V Review

Simadre 5200 is the best Simadre plasma cutter, a great powerful dual cutter with 50 amps. It is a very effective machine as it cuts ¾ thick steel. The machine parameters are accomodatable and easy to carry from point to point.it comes as a package with very accurate and effective torch that gives the best cuts of the year, and a clamp with cables along it for completeness.

The package still contains free consumables and regulator with a cooling fan that helps the machine to accommodate many working hours. It has received acknowledgements as one among the best plasma. From the customers the Simadre plasma reviews show that the 5200D is among the top best plasma cutters.
The Simadre 5200 boasts new tech advanced inverter with phenomenal frequency of cutting metals.

The machine is affordable comparing the quality of the performance and the price of the machine. Uses air pressure of around 60-75 psi @ 4.5 cfm. This machine offers services for a very lengthy period of time depending on the maintenance of the unit.

This unit is fundamentally made with inverter technology and has a very high cutting frequency and semiconductor circuits that amplifies design of the machine. On top of all is that this device can utilize a DC current power and function very effectively.

For individuals who want to launch commercial welding workshops this is the best simadre plasma cutter and gives quality work. Its durability is guaranteed. Very effective and pocket friendly.

Hobart airforce 250ci

Hobart airforce 250ci Review

Hobart forms a great invention in the cutter industry. According to the customer reviews this outstanding machine produces from 30 to 250 amps of power; it is customized to produce the finest weld ever which makes most of the externalities of welding out-shown.

The unit is equipped with very many rich features that foster its performance this include: a welding gun which is 15ft, 200amp, production of first class arc quality which outcompetes every other machine, multi-voltage power plug control involving duty cycle for a vast value, has its own compressing gas, this brand is very concrete and durable can stand 20 years of hard and commercial work. Its welds are smooth and fill the spaces without burning up.

Many clients confessed on the prowess of the plasma Hobart, it has very many different functions that it carries out varying from heavy duty trailers, welding tables, among other different works of metals. This is the ideal plasma for your money.

Lotos plasma cutter review

Lotos have had a consistent improvement of technology over time and this has seen their tools compete at big stages. Most of its tools have been phenomenal in customer’s services and have received the best plasma reviews globally. The Lotos plasma cutter reviews show that the below plasma cutters are the most outstanding:


Lotos Technology NC-FXDR-KJUX CT520D

Lotos Technology NC-FXDR-KJUX CT520D - Review

This is a highly quality and easy to transport plasma cutter, it has a weight of 44 pounds and uses a 50 Amps torch. The technology of the plasma cutter is very promising as it produces quality results and satisfies the needs of the user. It uses inverter technology and is one among the best plasma cutters with the longest life that means it is durable and can last more than 20 years when taken care of. The inbuilt tech enables the plasma to be very fast and efficient.
This is an ideal machine that can guarantee your work done; it is two in one machine this means it can perform both air plasma cutting and plasma gouging. It has a high ability to auto reconnects in 110v and 220v this makes it very convenient for users who have many jobs in different sites; the machine has a power efficiency of 80%.

The system comes along with LED display system, the function of the system is to monitor and control power status and it indicates when problems arise for trouble shooting.
This unit has an amazing feature called the V-MOSFETs the function of this is to transfer high rate of current for continuous performance and handling of a lot of work. Its cut capacity is 3/8 inch.

This is a very proficient machine for professionals and other practitioners; it is a go for plasma cutter. For only individuals who want the value of their money back, this is the best plasma cutter for them.

 – Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter, Dual Voltage 110V/220V, 1/2 Inch Clean Cut

Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter, 1-2 Inch Clean Cut Review

The lotos arc plasma is one of the best cutter machines in the world, the technology of the Lotos unit employs the fastest frequency inverter which inculcates the IGBT to facilitate great cuts, and the technology drastically lowers the weight and the size of the plasma cutter.

This heeds the user to get smooth, sure cuts depending on the range and type of the material which vary also from: alloy steel, brass, aluminum and other conductive substance metals that have reduce burning or heating point and lack distortion. The lotos units are made to be “do it yourself machine” this is the best lotos plasma.

The lotos plasma cutter reviews show that this is a simple but efficient machine, its cost is not exaggerated and its functions are amazing. Comprises of different special features that drive the user make it fit to every work needed. It has a 120/220 volt with an adjustable knob that makes the appliance fit in very many job sites. This is cheap but efficient plasma that weighs 19.4 pounds. It is portable.

This machine has a pilot arc which can cut rusted metals or painted metals, very essential for use in workshops dealing with old materials, rotten pans found in cars, painted metals and also the clean unused metals. It is very effective in its operations.

The torch of this plasma is mostly applicable in the cutting of small metals; it is small in size and is movable around the indentations of material being cut. It has 110/220 plug which you can alternate the plugs in use; this is a great plasma cutter which can serve all your needs. Very convenient and trustworthy machine.

Everlast Power-plasma 60C

Everlast PowerPlasma 60C IGBT Plasma Cutter 60amp Review

This is among the best plasma cutters globally and comes along with the 60 Amps torch, the package of the machine makes it completely the most portable plasma cutter among the others, and it weighs 66.9 pounds together with the extra additional appliance accompaniments. It has several unique and splendid features that make it count among the best of the plasma cutters.

It has a bold flow design, this is one among the many features that make the unit rock in the market, this feature helps in increasing the machines arc power and density that gives the machine perform outstandingly and produce very special, fast and quality cuts.

According to plasma cutter reviews the unit is very user friendly and its packaged with a Drag cut technology and has its manual which the user can rely on during operating of the machine, this gives the user humble time interacting with the machine hence it alleviates time wastage.

The system also comes along in it with air conditioning facility that helps the machine to work for long hours without failing or miss-performing. It has got power input plug varying from 120-220 V and this gives the unit power to stand out during long working days, more to this the machine is connected to low voltage motor generators that allow power fluctuation.

It has also a fast torch trafimet p-81 interface that both improve the versatility for hand and other held customized usages. It features a condenser appliance inside the gadget that keeps the machine cool for consistent usage and improved overall performance of the machine. The machine makes work easier with a cutting rate of 3/8 inch; it has a gouging capacity of 6.2 pounds which is relatively 2 kgs, with an input voltage of 120-220 unit can stand in a very busy firm.

This machine has a pressure self-verification setter and indicators of the situations and condition of the machine. Its operations are further articulated by a 25 feet cable for efficient running.

This is an overrated high class performing machine that centers in performance and quality work. For individuals who want to prolong working hours, this the ideal machine, with all features needed in a cutting machine and serves to the best of the user. Get your money value back with Everlast power plasma 60C. This is the plasma cutter for your money.

The best plasma cutter for the money

Hobart 500546 air-force 700i

Hobart 500546 air-force 700i Review

Hobart 700i is an outstanding 2 in 1 unit cutter and gouging machine. It has a very efficient and reliable cooling machine that helps it to accommodate long working hours without tiring or inefficiencies. It has also exclusive features of holding up in difficulty environments with variable voltage of (+/-15%) producing clean and smooth cuts.
After the engagement of the torch trigger the cooling fan and the speed of the fan cannot allow any light heating of the machine. This attribute makes the machine one among the most reliable and efficient and durable in the industry.
Another reliable and unique feature of this machine is the auto-refire tech; this feature enables the user of the unit freelance when operating the machine, as it has an automated pilot arc controller for controlling the arc when the machine is cutting multiple metals or expanded materials.

The machine automatically controls its decision on how and whether to shift in or out and adjusts its speed depending on the type of metals its cutting. Many customers trust this plasma as the best quality for their money.

More to the above is that the machine has an automated consumable system for detecting the type of the consumable installed in the machine. This makes the machine alter its efficiency and boosts its performance and this inflicts a lot of freedom to the user as he/she can concentrate on other matters apart from the re-adjustments of the machine which is commonly done manually in other plasma cutters.

Other specifications of the unit are: has an output duty cycle of 40 Amp @ 50, has a weight of 23lb which is relative to 10.4 kgs this makes the unit portable and hence easy for relocation and movements in the workshop area, it also has an input unit of 230 V which work effectively for long and enhance the sustainability of recharge. The rated metal cutting range is 7/8 inch. It has a duty cycle of 50%

This is a great plasma cutter machine that guarantees effectiveness and long standing features that help the user complete task within the fastest time possible. It is very efficient in operation, and the cost of the unit reflects its performance and quality work, clients trust its support. Don’t look for more plasma cutters this is the home of perfection and success.


Why you should invest in a quality Plasma Cutter

There are very many reasons as to why an individual has to buy or purchase a quality product for work. The first thing should be to consider the tool as an investment not a liability, the machine purchased is going to serve you for a number of years or days and within the days there has to be an income generated, this means that going for a cheap tool will get you back to the market faster than an individual who buys an expensive tool and servers for a long period. This helps save money as there is no going back the market for the same tool.

The above discussed unit cutters are all prolific tools that guarantee outstanding and time based performance, the guide has been compiled from man to man experience with the tools. A sure survey has been done, sieved and extracted the best performing unique tools above. The guide gives you the ideas of the machine with quality features that you can choose from, it goes down and portrays the descriptions of the machines and what the units are capable of doing.

The best machines go up with their value, no limitation to what you want, be precise and have the job you want done in your mind. Hurry and own one of the above machines and pride in a quality asset.