Looking for some inspiration for furniture welding projects that will add value to your home?

Skip the big box store and look no further!

We’ve rounded up some awesome DIY furniture projects that are easy to do but will make a huge difference.

Whether you’re looking for a classy coffee table or kitchen island bar, we’ve got you covered.

You can also find storage solutions such as custom office desks. These simple yet effective projects require minimal tools and materials so they won’t break the bank.

Each project is a bit different, but many you can get buy with just a simple MIG welder and a little hard work.

Check out our list of the most popular DIY furniture projects below:

Industrial Shelving (Some Welding Required)

Garage storage is a huge hit. Whether you are looking to store you camping gear or Christmas decor. Garage shelving not only adds value to your home, but just makes life easier.

This isn't your standard store bought shelving, this is industrial shelving. Be sure to line up with your wall studs are you could hold a lot of weight.

Hot Tip: If you are aiming to sell your welding products. Pair up with your local home organizer and designers. Show them a few photos of what you are capable of so the next time they need some custom shelving they know to come to you.

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Welded Coffee Table Frame

Here is a great project. That will is great for a beginner, but the finished product should make you look like a pro.

Includes a video tutorial of this welded furniture project for making a coffee table with a detailed plan using a combination of steel bar and wood.

Good for home decor, make it look classy with a gloss finish or rustic with a unique piece of wood.

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Custom Serving Bar

Now this is a great furniture welding idea. Alex Lock of Illinois built it for what appears to be his kitchen. But you could use it just about anywhere. Outdoor kitchen, garage hangout, or man cave this will be a great conversation piece when friends and family are gathered around your custom piece of furniture.

It is great for people who love drinking or mixing liquors and also can be used as a prep table, It's a good serving bar that has big storage underneath to put your things below so you can have bigger space at the top for preparation or etc.

Custom bar tops are also something that will fetch a high dollar amount if you aim to sell your welding projects too.

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Corner Desk for Weird Angles

Need to make the most of a space, but there is a weird angle or corner?

Out of the box stores are not going to have a corner desk for your oddly designed room, so your custom welding skills are going to come in handy.

With a 3/8-inch thick glass and copper-covered writing surface, as well as an LED lighting system built under the top shelf to illuminate the writing surface, it provides users with a better experience and comfort at their workstation, in addition to its odd-shape unique design.

It is best for people that need personal space for work, study, etc.

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Custom Coffee Table

Custom Coffee Table

Design by Dan Husky from a piece of granite and a welded steel frame. Dan used a 30-inch x 48-inch x 3/4-inch thick piece of granite. But if you don't have a piece of granite that you just have lying around, you could use just about anything. Plywood, and old door frame, or repurpose an old piece of furniture.

You could also use glass, but as it could easily be broken or cracked, and will  make your welds need to be just that much more “crisp” as people can see right through it.

As a coffee table is the center of attention in many living rooms. This is a great opportunity to show off your unique style.

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Mini Fire Pit

Because of its small size, this compact fire pit is ideal for persons who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and mountaineering.

The purpose of this project is to make things easier for you, especially outdoor activities, where it might be hard to find a suitable cooking location, especially in the mountains. Also, this mini fire pit can be used to warm up your body when it's cold outside.

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DIY Steel Chair for Outdoor Cushions


You can have this DIY steel chair and it is a great idea project for welders and can be set up in your house with this unique project.

This chair is ideal for use as outdoor furniture for family gatherings or any other occasion.

Simply weld the frame to fit the cushion style of your choice.

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Stove Wood Burner

This wood burner is amazing! It was made to burn offcuts or waste goods from carpentry businesses to give a free and efficient source of heat for your shed or workshop. An environmentally friendly stove that decreases waste and lowers energy costs.

Burns wood chips, sawdust, pellets, and shavings as well. You could use it as a stove or outdoor firepit as well.


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Metal Shelf

Metal Shelf

A strong metal shelf is provided to retain your goods or store them.

It is simple to mount on your walls, especially in your garage where your belongings are disorganized and need to be sorted. Because of its size, this shelf's design allows for the storage of a variety of items.

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Entry Way Table

Entry Way Table

This entryway table is the thing you want in your house.
The design is improved with the combination of steel and wood. This project can be used as a table, chair, shoe or plant rack, or even a wall decoration for interior portraiture and among other things.

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Welding Furniture Tips:

Grinding Down Sharp Metal Furniture Edges and Weld Joints
When creating your own welded furniture be sure to grind down any sharp corners. Even if you don't have children, chances are when your friends or family bring them over, they'll be climbing on your furniture in ways you never would have thought. Make sure they don't get cut!

Weld Furniture to Last
Even if you don't think you'll use it often, build with stability in mind. Having a piece of furniture fall apart when someone sits down is probably the most embarrassing thing that can happen. (Even more embarrassing if you were the one that built it)

Measure Your Furniture Welds
This one comes from experience. If you are building in your garage and transferring inside. Be sure to measure to make sure you not only can get through your doors, but it will fit the space your intend to place it. Measure twice, cut/weld once.

Get Creative with Materials
If you are building for your home, don't hesitate to get creative. Use your scrap metal and parts to build your own custom furniture. Not only will it save on costs, you'll have a great conversation piece unique to your home.

Good luck on your next furniture weld project!

Just remember the key to success with any type of welding is proper technique, patience, and practice. Feel free to send us your finished product to add to the list as well!