As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of finding creative, out-of-the-box ways of doing things.

You might even be thinking that welding is one more tool in your belt and you could start a side business — but finding in demand products you can create quickly that people will love is another thing.

We have rounded up our favorite welding projects for you to sell. Be sure to bookmark this page as we will be adding more to it regularly.

Industrial Shelving (Some Welding Required)

Garage storage is a huge hit. Whether you are looking to store you camping gear or Christmas decor. Garage shelving not only adds value to your home, but just makes life easier.

This isn't your standard store bought shelving, this is industrial shelving. Be sure to line up with your wall studs are you could hold a lot of weight.

Hot Tip: If you are aiming to sell your welding products. Pair up with your local home organizer and designers. Show them a few photos of what you are capable of so the next time they need some custom shelving they know to come to you.

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Custom Serving Bar

Now this is a great furniture welding idea. Alex Lock of Illinois built it for what appears to be his kitchen. But you could use it just about anywhere. Outdoor kitchen, garage hangout, or man cave this will be a great conversation piece when friends and family are gathered around your custom piece of furniture.

It is great for people who love drinking or mixing liquors and also can be used as a prep table, It's a good serving bar that has big storage underneath to put your things below so you can have bigger space at the top for preparation or etc.

Custom bar tops are also something that will fetch a high dollar amount if you aim to sell your welding projects too.

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Engine BBQ Grill

You'll be the talk of the car show with this one-of-a-kind engine BBQ is unique.

This concept makes everyone think they want it because of its staggering design, which each vehicle enthusiast desires, especially outdoor events.

I never imagined something like this would be made of from a car's engine.

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DIY Steel Chair for Outdoor Cushions


You can have this DIY steel chair and it is a great idea project for welders and can be set up in your house with this unique project.

This chair is ideal for use as outdoor furniture for family gatherings or any other occasion.

Simply weld the frame to fit the cushion style of your choice.

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Hot Dog Cooker

Hot Dog Cooker

With this ingenious design, you can cook your hotdog differently!

Introducing the ultimate 13 inches Triple Hot Dog Grill handcrafted using recycled bolts, metal, nails, and their feet are attached to a metal grid to keep them balanced. Because of its unusual design, which is simple to set up and clean, you will never grill a hotdog the same way again. Perfect for outdoor gatherings or get-togethers with friends and family.

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How much should you expect to earn in a welding business?
Selling your welding products can mean big money. Welding businesses run from profitable side hustles to publicly traded companies. It really just depends on the amount of time and effort you put into selling your welding projects.

How much should you charge for welding projects?
The amount you charge for your welding projects should be based on the cost of materials plus your labor markup and shipping. Labor and shipping costs will stay relatively consistent, but costs of materials can swing as the price of raw materials goes up and down. Factoring in a healthy margin based on historical price is a good idea when pricing your welding projects to sell.

Do you need a business license to sell welding products?

Business licenses for selling welding products vary by location. In most jurisdictions, if you are selling a few items at a garage sale or on your local Facebook marketplace you can probably do so without any license or hassle. If you are selling high-dollar items or large quantities be sure to check with your local accountant and business experts in your area before you run into any sort of trouble.

P.S. Want us to feature your welding business? Let us know and we'll be sure to get you the credit you deserve.