Smokers and Grills are one of our favorite projects to weld. Their functional, fun, and while simple they have the ability to get as creative as you want.

The simpiliest BBQ grills and smokers use either coals or wood pellets for smoking. But if you want to go all out and add gas to your grill with a few simple kits you can create a gas flame to your DIY welded grill.

Each grill varies in complexity. So choose one that works best for you!

Star Wars BBQ Grill

It was created and designed by Rust is Gold inspired by the movie Star Wars.

Most of it was made of old recycled materials that otherwise would have simply ended up in the trash.

  • Old Water Heater
  • Car Disc Brake
  • Old Shock Absorbers
  • Other old metals

The purpose of this project is to create a BBQ Grill that any star wars fans will love it. It is good also for people who love outdoor activities and who like grilling, its appearance attracts people for its own unique spacecraft design that any star wars fan would love it.

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BBQ Smoker

Another BBQ smoker, but this one with a little bit more of a professional feel.

A new way to level up your business! This new BBQ Smoker will give you a boost in your business with this unique style and appearance.

There's no need for you to stay at home or hunt for a place to put your product on display. You can take your merchandise with you and go wherever you want.

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Pig Cooker

With this pig burner idea, you'll never abandon or overlook your oil drum again. Its concept of controlling the temperature on a near hatch drum improves the accuracy and quality of the cooking process.
I never thought that a simple oil drum could turn into this kind of design. It would be great for people who are into this kind of business.

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Engine BBQ Grill

You'll be the talk of the car show with this one-of-a-kind engine BBQ is unique.

This concept makes everyone think they want it because of its staggering design, which each vehicle enthusiast desires, especially outdoor events.

I never imagined something like this would be made of from a car's engine.

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Smokezilla, a massive octagon-shaped smoker, is something I've never seen before.
The Smokezilla is so large that it can cook 45 slabs of ribs or 32 pork butts at once. It was dubbed the “Ferris Wheel of Meat” by designer Jay Rizzo's kid because of its large cooking frame.
Because of its capacity to serve a large crowd, this smoker is best used for large gatherings and parties.

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Hot Dog Cooker

Hot Dog Cooker

With this ingenious design, you can cook your hotdog differently!

Introducing the ultimate 13 inches Triple Hot Dog Grill handcrafted using recycled bolts, metal, nails, and their feet are attached to a metal grid to keep them balanced. Because of its unusual design, which is simple to set up and clean, you will never grill a hotdog the same way again. Perfect for outdoor gatherings or get-togethers with friends and family.

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Camping Stove

Now we are talking about a DIY storm kettle that can be used for survival and camping.

This kettle unique design that you don't need to find a fireplace to place it in because it's all in one. It's simple to use and comes in handy when camping.

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Remember don't get “burnt” be sure to practice all safety protocols when welding your grill or smoker. Not only to ensure your meats turn out tasting amazing. But you don't want to risk injury to yourself or your guests at your next outdoor bbq.

Send us your BBQ firepit ideas and plans and we will be sure to add them!