Welding aluminum may pose a challenge to even the most experienced welders. Its high thermal conductivity and low melting point may lead to burning of the metal. Aluminum wire is softer than steel with a lower column length that could tangle at the drive roll. To overcome this challenge the welders need to choose the best MIG welder for aluminum.

This review provides detailed information on the best selling aluminum MIG welders available in the market. They are very durable with a range of sizes and capacities. Before you opt for an aluminum welder, you must educate yourself on what is available, the experiences of other users and the benefits that each welder offers.

That is what the discussion below achieves for you, so that you are able to settle for only the best when making a decision.

LOTOS MIG175 175A MIG welder

The LOTOS 175 MIG welder is a perfect choice for operators of different experience levels. It is designed for businesses and do-it-yourself (DIY) users while concurrently accommodating the needs of the professionals. The machine uses inverter technology that helps achieve clean and smooth cuts of aluminum material with reduced heat input thereby preventing deformation of the metal. It also ensures high quality welds due to the constant uninterrupted current supply.

This welder is very light in weight, and its reduced size facilitates its portability. The LOTOS MIG175 is fitted with the spool gun that effectively welds aluminum. The welder uses the advanced transformer technology, which then results in product dependability and performance steadiness.

If you are a first time user of aluminum MIG welders, this is the perfect match for you. The welder is easy to set up and use. It can be connected to an existing 220v power outlet.

This welder is certain to serve you for an extended duration with maximum efficiency. It is equipped with a temperature controller and an overload breaker to shield against malfunctioning. The machine is very economical with an aluminum welding capacity of 1/8 inches.

Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 140 HD Wire-Feed Welder K2514-1

The Lincoln pak 140HD welder is fitted with spool gun for high wire speeds of aluminum welding. The welder requires a power input of 120 volts which is both economical and versatile. This attribute makes it suitable for use anywhere including on a farm, in lawn furniture projects, the fence repairs, small home repairs and mower deck welding.

The welder has a desirable speed with welding capacity of 3/16 inches single pass and 5/16 inches multiple pass. This Lincoln pak welder is built with two knob tapped control that makes it exceptionally simple to set up and use. Further, an instruction manual and a digital visual display guide are included for convenience and accurate setting.

This welder is often transported between venues and it weighs 71lbs. This weight makes it compatible for outdoor projects and out of work station projects. It is perfect welder equipment for small and medium size projects. The welder is very durable and can serve for a long time because of the temperature controls available. This also helps in ensuring the machine does not get spoilt due to power surge.

Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder

If you have need for welding high energy consuming projects such as auto body, farm and household maintenance that require more power, the handler 140 is a perfect choice.

The Hobart 500559 handler is fitted with 5-position tapped voltage control selector which enables you to generate smooth welds on all thicknesses up to ¼ inch. It also operates at 20 amps. The machine is built with an industrial cast aluminum system making it appropriate for industrial performance.

The handler 140 is easy to convey and therefore can be used whenever considered necessary. It weighs only 57lbs. The skill levels required to run are low since it is fitted with a user guide making it uncomplicated to operate.

This welder is very flexible and proficient for use because of its high speed and the high quality of welds that result from its use. A sample spool flux 0.3 wires comes with the handler. This attribute renders it readily available for use.