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If you need to weld much heavier projects than normal, such as auto body, farm and household repairs that require more power the Hobart 50059 Handler is a perfect pick. Regardless of whether you are a professional welder or a beginner this machine is just perfect.

The Hobart 500559 is the best choice for quality welds. Operating at household current, this welder is fitted with a voltage control selector which ensures you  produce smooth welds on all thicknesses up to ¼ inch. The welder is designed for an industrial cast aluminum system making it appropriate for industrial performance.

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This in-depth review will help you make up your mind easily as you consider this welder. You will understand the features and benefits of the Hobart wire handler as well as learn from the experience of others.



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  • The handler uses household current to weld on heavier projects that would otherwise have required more power.
  • It is versatile with industrial performance
  • The welder comes with a setup guide making it very easy to use and set up for first-time
  • The welder is great for DIY projects such as panels, exhaust systems, mower decks, trailer frames and hitches, tool carts, bow racks, lawn and garden equipment, metal sculpture and fences.
  • The welder machine produces very high-quality welds at a very high speed and can be used by both professionals and beginners
  • This welder can be used to weld different type of materials and different thickness.


This machine has very good features that are beneficial to the operators. Most operators are pleased with the performance, and there were no shortcomings identified.



What we like

  • The handler 140 is trouble-free to transport and, therefore, can be used whenever desired. It weighs only 57lbs.
  • The skills required for one to operate are low since it comes with a user guide making it very simple to control.
  • This welder is very versatile and efficient for use because of its high speed and the high quality of welds that result from its use.
  • A sample spool flux 0.3 wires comes with the handler. This makes it ready to use soon after purchase.
  • The handler uses a standard household current so it can be used in the home for small repairs and maintenance as well as DIY projects that are much heavier. This machine is very economical because less power is used for much heavier
  • The handler is durable and serves the operators welding needs for a very long time giving value.


What we don’t like

The Hobart Handler wire welder is one of the most cherished machines by its users. Those with the experience in use of this machine have no complaints with the majority recommending it to new users and upholding loyalty for the equipment.


Customer Reviews

The customers who have previously used this welder are very satisfied that their expectations were met. They were mostly amazed by the industrial performance of the handler that uses the standard household power. In addition to this, the portability of the machine is quite a catch. Many consumers liked the fact that they could easily move the welder to their desired location and conduct their work easily.

With most users recommending the machine for beginners, they were very pleased with the simplicity of the welder for operation and set up. They attribute this aspect to the existence of the user set up guide that comes with the machine.

There have been very minimal critics of the machine since the machine comes with a manufacturer’s limited warranty.


For all your welding needs whether a professional or a novice user this handler wire welder is a perfect choice. It gives maximum value for money and produces very high-quality welds.

With the welder being very versatile and easy to use, in addition to being very portable, it is a highly recommended welder. With testimonies and recommendation from users, this welder is a perfect choice for a home welder.

> See ratings, reviews, specifications and prices on Amazon <