If a plasma cutter carries the Miller brand name, then you know it is a reputable one. Miller has been in the business of manufacturing plasma cutters, welding equipment, and other accessories for a long time now. We have tracked down their plasma cutters and compiled one of the most comprehensive Miller Plasma Cutter reviews.

Make the most use of this list to invest in one of the top brands today. If you have been looking for powerful machines to cut steel and other conductive metals, your search is now over. With the king of plasma cutters, make this year the most successful in metal cutting and indeed in the general success of your business.


Plasma Cutter, Inverter, Spectrum 375

This plasma cutter uses a voltage technology based on the Auto-Line input.
This means that it will automatically connect to 115V or 240V depending on your cutting needs. The advantage of this technology is that you will not waste time switching from cutting one metal material to cutting another. Instead, you will switch from mild steel to thick steel with unprecedented ease and speed.

This plasma cutter comes complete with a built-in gas/air filter and regulator. With other plasma cutters, you have to invest in a separate air compressor and attach it to the cutter. The machine measures 9 inches in height, 5.5 inches in width and 13.25 inches in length. This easily makes it one of the smallest Miller Plasma Cutters. The advantage is that you will be able to carry it easily from one workstation to another.

Take advantage of the numerous accessories that come with the Spectrum 375. They include a torch with a 20-feet cable, and power cord with a plug that is 20A and 115VAC. In addition, check the extra consumables, work clamp, and an MVP power cord. You will most certainly like the X-Case meant for storing the various parts of the plasma cutter.


Plasma Cutter, Inverter, 625 X-TREME

The 625 X-TREME is another trademark from the larger family of Miller plasma cutters.
In most cases, it comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer, so take advantage of this warranty now. The most outstanding feature is that it has a twist-locking plug, something that is absent in most other Miller plasma cutters. Just like its Spectrum 375 counterpart, its Auto-Line input technology allows you to connect to 230V and 115V automatically with MVP adapters.

If you are an owner of a metal fabrication business, you will find this plasma cutter a godsend. Since it cuts various materials in different thicknesses, it is suitable for prototyping, vehicle body shops, and companies that do light construction. Probably the reason it is referred to as X-TREME is that it can cut extreme thicknesses of up to 5/8-inches of metal.

When you buy the cutter, make sure you look at the contents of the box. Inside, find the work with a 10-feet cable. Similarly, there should be the MVP adapters with plugs and extra consumables. Just like the Spectrum 375, the 625 E-XTREME comes with a valuable X-CASE for storage of parts and accessories. Ensure you look at the instructional manual especially if you are a beginner. If you are a pro steel cutter, just pull the machine from its box, plug it on, regulate the power, and start cutting metal.


Millermatic 211 230V MIG Welder with Thermal Overload Detection

Just as the name of this machine suggests, it can perceptively detect when the internal temperatures are high. When this happens, it automatically shuts the unit down. Alternatively, it can switch an air fan on, effectively cooling the heat down. This is the ultimate automatic welder than ensures you do not return to the shop anytime soon. Manufactured by Miller Electric, the welder comes complete with a torch, contact tips, gun, and wire feeder.

If you have been looking for a welder to work on stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum, invest in this machine right away. Only a few welders allow you to weld as many materials seamlessly. While it can function at a maximum voltage of 230V, you can make your own settings and achieve your desired results. For example, set the wire diameter and the thickness of whatever you are welding.

You can program the settings manually when you want to switch from one metal to another. It comes with a multi-voltage plug (MVP) enabling you to connect to household 120V power or industrial 230V current. Just connect a plug that is compatible to the receptacle. You do not need any additional tools. The Millermatic 211 boasts of the patented Smooth-Start technology that gives you a start, which is not only smooth, but also spatter free.

Whichever Miller Plasma Cutter reviews you read, you will find these machines because they are built for durability and efficiency. Purchase them now and make a revolution in your cutting and welding business.