The fact that everybody has new year resolutions is undeniable. As a user of handheld plasma cutters, welding machines, and accessories, one of your new year resolutions should be getting the best equipment and tools for the job. While there are innumerable companies out there, not all their plasma cutters genuinely durable and efficient in cutting various metals.

For this reason, we have dug deep in search of the best handheld plasma cutters. This review is quite comprehensive and is perhaps the best handheld plasma cutter review that you will read this year. Prioritize the needs of your business, make the most use of this review now, and invest in the best handheld plasma cutter today.

This way, you will improve your productivity by cutting amazingly clean pieces with speed. However, failure to do so means being stuck with the same old ineffective plasma cutter.


Hypertherm Powermax 65 Hand System

This is the new release of the Hypertherm Powermax series of plasma cutters. As it replaces the Powermax 1000, the machine is better at cutting larger thicknesses of solid steel. This is enabled by advanced technology. For example, there are more torch options, meaning that you can cut different metals of varying thicknesses.

Take advantage of the 4 different DuramaxTM torch styles and create attractive pieces. In addition, it has a highly intuitive SenseTM technology that automatically adjusts gas pressure to suit the needs of the length of torch lead and cutting mode.

When you are running on low-line voltage or when the input power is fluctuating, the discerning ConditionerTM circuit boosts your cutting performance. The reviews agree that this is the best machine that Powermax has created yet. While the manufacturer recommends a cut thickness of ¾ inches, you can cut a maximum of 1-inch thick steel.

You will most definitely like the conical FlowTM nozzle that enhances the arc energy with the density of the material being cut. Additionally, the handle of the cutter is tougher and can withstand heat, effectively performing five times longer than previous versions.


Everlast Supercut 50 110V/220V Inverter Plasma Cutter

This is undeniably one of the most powerful handheld plasma cutting devices. If you need to cut extra large sizes of steel, copper, and aluminium, invest in this machine right away. Weighing just 25 pounds, your ability to traverse your locality is made more stress-free. The fact that it is a smaller design does not mean that the machine compromises on quality.

In fact, you can use it to cut rugged, rusty, and painted metal surfaces with increased ease and speed. This luxury is guaranteed by the fact that Supercut 50 has an easy starting pilot arc. The fact that you can switch from 110V to 220 V and vice versa is an added advantage. The pressure adjustment and gauge are conveniently located at the front to allow you sharper and quicker verification of air pressure.


Millermatic 211 230V MIG Welder with Thermal Overload Detection

Investing in a machine with automatic heat detection is probably the best thing that you will do this year. When there is too much heat, the machine either switches an air fan on, or the unit shuts down. This protection shields parts of the plasma cutter from damage, which would in turn cost you dearly. Able to work on stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminium, it comes with a torch, gun, contact tips, and, wire feeder.

While you can set the wire diameter, change the settings manually depending on the thickness of the metal you are welding. Its versatility is incredible- can work with 120V household power and 230V industrial power. Invest in it for a smooth and spatter free performance.


Hypertherm 088079 Powermax30 XP Building America Edition Hand Plasma System with Case and 15-Feet Lead

If you are looking for a handheld plasma cutter with an impact resistant torch, get the Building America Edition of the Powermax. It is highly versatile because it can adapt from 110V to 240V of input power and vice versa. The fact that it does so automatically means that your metal cutting experience will never be disrupted.

Make most use of the plasma cutter as it comes with personal protective equipment such as gloves, eye shields, and shoulder strap. In addition, find a hard impact proof carrying case, FineCut and standard consumables.