Choosing the best plasma cutter table can be a heart-wrenching exercise for the beginner. One of the best ways to find the ideal table for your metal fabrication business is to read as many plasma cutter table reviews as possible.

We are interested in your success this year, so we look at the leading brands in the market today. Exploit this review and many others to understand just what the phenomenon involves. Failure to do so, you will buy an expensive plasma cutter table whose features do not justify its colossal price.


In fact, you could invest in a dual purpose combo table instead of spending more money on buying two or more tables. This way, you will achieve the objectives of two different tables with a single purchase. Additionally, learn the different modes of operations of the various tables. Armed with this insight, you will transform your metal fabrication experience from a passive activity to an active moneymaking business.


Baileigh PT-510HD CNC Plasma Cutting Table with Automatic Height Detection

If your business or construction company is interested in cutting 1-inch thick steel plates that measure 10 feet in length and 5 feet in width, start preparing your bank account to purchase this plasma cutter table. It comes in a prebuilt, fully welded box frame. In this regard, it will handle the heavy weight of steel metals being loaded for cutting.

This is made possible by its impressive 3520-pound weight. It features a square and rectangular tubing, where the only remaining part for you to do is connecting the wires and run your cutting torch. Simply download the table’s design software into your ordinary computer. Next, use a remote USB stick or an included communication wire.

One advantage of this machine is that it has an intuitive height detection technology. This way, it can run on any program that you want it to run. Its travel speed is 315 inches per minute. While the load capacity may depend on the plasma system that you choose, the recommended load capacity is 1-inch of mild steel.

The Baileigh pt-510hd CNC plasma-cutting table with automatic height detection comes with a control station. In addition, you will benefit from the keypad controls of the large operator control console.


Baileigh PT-44 CNC Plasma Cutting Table, 1-Phase 220V, 1″ Mild Steel Capacity, 64″ Length x 59″ Width

This plasma cutting table has a square working area that measures 4 feet by 4 feet. You will need to connect it to 220 volts of single phase power in order for it to operate. When this regulation is met, the plasma cutter table can operate at arguably any metal fabrication industry.

You need to design your desired job on an ordinary computer. Next, you will load the job on the plasma cutter table either through a USB memory stick or through the provided data cable.
The plasma cutting head is assisted by a water cooling technology. This ensures that the part being cut is always clean and cool. Otherwise, you would achieve faulty and unevenly cut steel pieces.

While the travel speed of the plasma cutter table is 315 inches per minute, the load capacity is 1-inch of mild steel. Just like its Baileigh PT-510HD counterpart, the plasma system you choose will determine the load capacity of the Baileigh PT-44 CNC Plasma Cutting Table.


Baileigh PT-22 CNC Plasma Cutting Table

This is yet another plasma cutter table from Baileigh that is sold when fully assembled. Take advantage of this fact and avoid spending sleepless nights trying to build the parts together. After all, the components could be sophisticated and difficult to muster.

Luckily, you have a well-illustrated instructional manual to learn how the machine operates. Unlike other tables, this one will operate on a 110-volt power input. It uses a handheld torch for perfect cutting experience.


Eastwood Plasma Cutting Table

Eastwood Plasma Cutting TableInvest in the steel plasma cutter table that has slatted top for easy metal fabricating work. Instead of placing your work on the concrete floor of your workshop, raise it to a desirable height. It is just as ideal for welding as it is for plasma cutting.

It measures 32 inches in height, 21 inches in width and 30 inches in length. You do not have to worry about the table corroding because it features a black oxide coating.