A look at the Everlast plasma cutter reviews reveals how important the company is to the world of metal fabrication. The award-winning plasma cutters are very popular among seasoned metal fabrication companies and small businesses alike. Similarly, people at home rely on Everlast plasma cutters for DIY (do it yourself) for light domestic construction and repairs.

Best-Everlast-Plasma-Cutter-ReviewsIf you are a beginner, Everlast is the best way to go. This list is of the best Everlast plasma cutter reviews that you will read anywhere. Take advantage of it right now and invest in the right Everlast machine.

The cutters and welders are known for their speed in cutting heavy metal with admirable consistency. In this regard, make your debut to the world of plasma cutting smooth and hassle-free.


Everlast MultiPro 205 DC TIG Welder / Plasma Cutter Combo

Everlast MultiPro 205 DC TIG Welder - Plasma Cutter Combo Review

You will come across very few metal fabricating machines that are as versatile as the MultiPro TIG welder and plasma cutter combo. While it is a plasma cutter with a pilot arc, it also boasts of being a 3-in-1 inverter welder. A dual voltage machine, it can function in arguably all industries that require metal fabrication- shipbuilding, aviation industry, vehicle assembly and body shop, light construction environments, and domestic metal cutting.

Even with its numerous functionalities, the multipurpose machine weighs just 57.6 pounds and measures 20.2 inches in length, 16.7 inches in width and 15.1 inches in height. The fact that it is highly rated on our list means that you are assured of exceptional service and durability. Take advantage of the favorable warranty extended by the manufacturer.


Everlast SuperCut 50 110v/220v Inverter Plasma Cutter 50amp

Everlast SuperCut 50 110v-220v Inverter Plasma Cutter 50amp Review

Have you been disappointed by short-lived plasma cutter torches and consumables? It is because the plasma cutter you are using has very short post flow controls. Luckily, with the Everlast SuperCut 50 Inverter Plasma Cutter, you can adjust the post flow control to as many as 60 seconds. This way, your machine accessories, and cutter parts live longer without needing a replacement. In addition, the air pressure gauge is positioned conveniently on the front of the machine for your fast reading of air pressure.

This powerhouse cuts 3/8-inch to 1-inch thick steel metals and other conductive metals. It boasts of 50-AMP 60/60Hz and 120/220V functionality. It comes in an alluring green color and weighs 25 pounds. The machine comes in a combo set that measures 19.5 inches in length, 14.1 inches in width and 13.2 inches in height. For this reason, it features outstandingly in the “best Everlast plasma cutter reviews”.


Everlast PowerPlasma 60 IGBT Plasma Cutter 60amp Cutting System

Everlast PowerPlasma 60 IGBT Plasma Cutter 60amp Cutting System review

Just like its SuperCut 50 counterpart, the 60IGBT has an air pressure gauge in the front so that you can read and regulate appropriately. Similarly, it has light indicators that show you the level of air pressure. In addition, you will benefit equally from the adjustable post flow, which helps to conserve the torch and consumables life. Set up to 60 seconds of post flow on the power plasma. One difference between the 60 IGBT and the SuperCut 50 is that the former operates on a 50Amp power while the latter is a 60Amp machine.

Similarly, this one can cut metal thicknesses of 3/8 inch to 11/4 inches. However, one drawback is the fact that it weighs 66.1 pounds. Luckily, the machine compensates for this drawback with its multi-voltage functional ability. You will benefit from the easy to use torch, consumables and conveniently priced service parts. If you love cutting rusty, rugged or painted surfaces, then invest in this plasma cutter right away because it has a discerning pilot arc.


Everlast PowerPlasma 50 IGBT Plasma Cutter 50amp Arc Cutting System

Everlast PowerPlasma 50 IGBT Plasma Cutter 50amp Arc Cutting System - our review

The best Everlast plasma cutter list cannot be complete without mentioning the Everlast PowerPlasma 50 IGBT Plasma Cutter. This is because its easy starting pilot arc makes the machine very user friendly. The fact that it is a high duty cycle ensures you make exceptionally clean cuts without much effort. In fact, you will be able to cut virtually any metal.

Regulate the adjustable post flow to 60 seconds to save the life of your consumables and torch. Just like other Everlast PowerPlasma machine, this one allows you to adjust and control the air pressure easily from the gauge located at the front. Take advantage of the air pressure light indicators also positioned in the front.

While the above plasma cutters are respectable, there are many others featured on the “best Everlast plasma cutter reviews”. Order yours today.