If you are an experienced welder, it is highly likely that at some point you may need to find the best metal cutting chop saw to use when welding. Chop saws are specialized tools that make construction projects simpler and more convenient. They assist in cutting metals cleanly without causing any damage to the blade. These saws use a high-speed abrasive disc to cut smoothly through and prevent any contaminations.

Best metal chopping saw

Constructors need to work with the best metal cutting chop saw to hasten their job and improve the quality of work. When choosing the best metal cutting chop saw for welding use, it is important to ensure that it meets several attributes. You should consider the size, brand, and blade speed. You can opt to go for an abrasive chop saw, a carbide blade chop saw, or even a bar cutter chop saw. It should also be designed for the material you require to cut.

The chop saw should have the capability to withstand wear and tear and, therefore, last longer. After conducting extensive market research, we have compiled a list of three of the best quality metal cutting chop saws for welding us. They are durable and produce very clean and smooth cuts depending on the material you are cutting.

Choosing the Best Metal Cutting Chop Saw for Welding Use

If you have big metal cutting projects on the horizon, then purchasing a chop saw will help lessen your cutting load while allowing for more precise and clean cuts. However, there are a few factors to keep in mind when purchasing a new chop saw.

The Blades

Having a saw with a good blade is essential for getting the job done the right way. A good blade will be able to cut through even the thickest of metal relatively quickly while still cutting cleanly and accurately. There are two blade types you can typically choose from, and these are the cold saw blade and the abrasive blade.

The abrasive blade generally produces a lot of sparks and leaves the metal very hot after cutting. A cold saw blade does what the name implies. It doesn't leave the metal hot and doesn't produce sparks. The cold saw utilizes a metallic toothed blade instead of the abrasive blade that causes high-friction.

Cold saw blades can also be sharpened when they become dull, unlike abrasive blades that get tossed out and need to be replaced. They both use a spinning circular saw blade and short and controlled motions when guiding and cutting.

The cheaper the blade you have for your saw, the quicker it will wear out. Therefore, consider the type of projects you will be working on and the type of cut you are looking to achieve.

The Motor

The motor should be at least 15 amps to provide the most in productivity. The motor should be strong and powerful but should also offer low speeds so there will be little to no spark produced when cutting.

Vise Assembly

Having a stable vise is essential for a chop saw because it effectively locks the tool in place. Some have a quick-release feature which is often recommended because it allows you to quickly clamp the materials you need to cut even when they are different sizes.


For a more accurate cutting angle, the lens is between the plane of the blade and the plane of the longest edge you are working with. No fence means ineffective cuts. When looking for a chop saw, search for one that has an adjustable angle fence so you can position the materials at the precise angles you need.

Other Features

Adjustable spark deflectors also prove beneficial because they keep the sparks away from your person and other materials. In addition, you should also look for a chop saw that offers safety features including a blade guard or eye protection plate. Finally, most chop saws come with a three-year warranty, so always look for a more extensive warranty to cover the chop saw in case it breaks.

Read on below for some metal chop saw reviews to help you with your purchasing decision:

DEWALT D28715 14-Inch Quick Change Chop Saw

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This metal cutting chop saw for welding has a powerful 15 amp motor that provides overload protection that also enhances performance and durability. Its handle is designed to deliver a more comfortable and ergonomic hand position, therefore, reducing exhaustion and increasing productivity.

The 45-degree pivoting fence allows for fast and accurate angled cuts. It has a steel base that enables the user to weld jigs and has spindle locks that enable the user to make wheel changes faster and simpler saving time and money.

This metal chop saw has a spark guard that is adjustable allowing the user to direct sparks away from the work area; this makes the saw very safe and clean to use. It is simple to store and, therefore, economical on space. It also features an onboard wheel change wrench that reduces the risk of losing the wrenches. This metal chop saw is of very high quality and produces quality cuts. It is definitely a good choice.

Rand 14 Metal Abrasive Cut Off Saw/Miter/ Chop W-Blade

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This is a powerful 16-inch diameter metal cutting abrasive cut off saw. It stands out from the other general chop saws that are available due to its extremely high-quality build. It is ideal for use when welding because it features a built-in vice mechanism that allows it to be quickly and easily adjusted.

The blade is also flexible allowing for better accuracy and precision when cutting. This saw is very sturdy meaning that mistakes can be greatly reduced. For welding use, this saw makes the work easier as it produces clean cuts and can also work through massive quantities of steel before the blade needs to be replaced. This is excellent news for the commercial welder.

It is easy to make blade changes with this saw as you only need to access the door in the blade guard and reach for the spring loaded shaft lock.

Makita LC1230 12-Inch Metal Cutting Saw

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The LC1230 has a quick release plate that adjusts from 0 degrees to 45 degrees for swift and easy metal cutting; this feature makes it very flexible for use on different metal sizes.

The saw has a quick release vise for secure material retention and quick cuts and a tray for easy waste disposal for a cleaner work environment. The handle with a two-finger trigger and a lock-off button is made to prevent unplanned start-ups. The blade is coated with carbide to last longer and to cut cleanly and accurately.

This saw is ideal for use when welding as it releases minimal heat, meaning there is less damage or change to the metal when welding. This blade comes with a warranty from the manufacturer and a safety guide on its use leading to reduction and prevention of accidents.


When choosing the best metal cutting chop saw for welding use, always consider the many features the saw offers to ensure that it aligns with your large metal projects. Any of the saws on this list would make a great addition to any shop and provide you with a great jumping off point to start your search for the best chop saw for your needs.