Greetings, fellow welders as connoisseurs of all things related to fusing materials, I am thrilled to introduce you to the latest marvel in the world of welding – the YesWelder FIRSTESS MP200.

If you have followed us here at WeldingStars before, you know we are no strangers to the YesWelder brand, and this one could be our new favorite.

Imagine being granted the mystical power to manipulate metals, mastering multiple methods of melding them into marvelous masterpieces. The MP200 is here to make that dream a reality while maintaining a professional edge. This 5-in-1 welding machine is an all-in-one ticket to welding stardom, perfect for everyone from bright-eyed beginners to the most intrepid intermediate welders.

This review will delve into the nitty-gritty of the FIRSTESS MP200, exploring its plethora of benefits, user examples, and key features that make it an indispensable addition to your workshop. So, fasten your helmets and ignite your torches as we embark on an electrifying journey into the world of the YesWelder FIRSTESS MP200!

Let's dive deeper into the key benefits of the YesWelder FIRSTESS MP200, examining how each of these features can be advantageous to welders at different skill levels and why they should consider this versatile machine for their projects.

The Yes Welder firstess mp200 5-in-1 welder & cutter got started as a Kickstarter project, but is now in full force.

5-in-1 welding capabilities:

As a welder, having a machine that can perform multiple welding processes is essential for tackling various projects. The MP200's 5-in-1 capabilities allow you to easily switch between Gas MIG, Gasless MIG, Lift TIG, Stick, and Plasma Cutting. This not only saves space in your workshop, but also reduces the need for investing in multiple machines for different tasks, ultimately saving you time and money.

Suitable for various projects:

The MP200 is designed to handle various projects, from home DIY and maintenance work to industrial applications. Its versatility means using it for small repairs, creating custom metalwork, or even tackling larger-scale fabrication jobs. With the MP200, you have a machine that meets your welding projects' diverse demands.

Intuitive 4.3″ LCD display:

Navigating through welding settings shouldn't be a daunting task. The MP200's high-pixel 4.3″ LCD simplifies the setup process and ensures you can quickly and effortlessly adjust your settings. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners and experienced welders to access and modify the machine's options.

Digital control:

The MP200's digital control empowers you to select the welding mode, material, wires, rods, electrodes, and workpiece thickness. This level of customization ensures that you can achieve the perfect weld for your specific project, enhancing the quality of your work and minimizing the risk of errors.

Synergic MIG:

The MP200's Synergic MIG function simplifies the welding process, making it more accessible to beginners. With automatic voltage and wire feed speed adjustments based on selected thickness or amperage, you can focus on your technique rather than worrying about manual fine-tuning. The “Out Range” warning and Burn Back Control features further enhance the welding experience by ensuring optimal settings and preventing issues during welding.

Smooth TIG:

The included TIG torch, stable arc, and compatibility with 100% Argon make the MP200 perfect for projects that require precision and a clean finish. This is particularly useful for small or intricate welding tasks, such as automotive or decorative work, where precision and aesthetics are crucial.

6010 Capable:

The MP200's exceptional DC stick welding capabilities, combined with built-in hot start and arc force, allow compatibility with E7018, E6011, and E6010 electrodes. This means you can work with a variety of materials, thicknesses, and applications, ensuring that the MP200 will be an indispensable tool for any welder.

Plasma Cutting:

The MP200's plasma cutting feature offers precise and clean cuts, making it ideal for cutting through various metals. With preflow and postflow features, recommended air pressure settings, and specified max severance and clean cut thickness, you can ensure consistent and accurate cuts for your projects. This expands the range of tasks you can complete with just one machine.

Smart Memory:

The MP200's Smart Memory function is a time-saving feature that allows you to store up to 10 memory options for each type of welding. This enables you to recall and adjust weld parameters as needed, streamlining the setup process for future projects and reducing the time spent on adjustments.

YesWelder MP200 Prices

Prices start at $999 for the unit, andsimilar models will come down in pricing significantly depending on the features you are looking for.

YesWelder MP200 Uses

To further illustrate the capabilities and advantages of the YesWelder FIRSTESS MP200, let's explore some real-world examples of how this versatile machine can be used by welders at different skill levels and in various applications.

  1. Beginner: Home DIY and Repair – If you're a homeowner looking to perform basic repairs or create custom furniture. The YesWelders MP200's ease of use, digital controls, and synergic MIG function makes it simple for beginners to achieve clean and strong welds, even with limited experience. With the machine's 5-in-1 capabilities, you can tackle a variety of tasks, such as repairing a broken metal railing, building a custom BBQ grill, or fabricating a decorative metal garden feature.

    Here are a few of our favorite beginner projects to check out if just getting started.

  1. Intermediate: Automotive and Fabrication –As an intermediate welder working on the automotive restoration or custom fabrication projects, the firstess mp200 5 in-1 Smooth TIG and Plasma Cutting features become invaluable. For example, when restoring a classic car, you may need to weld new sheet metal sections or create custom brackets. The MP200 allows you to produce precise and clean welds that will meet the demands of automotive use. Its plasma-cutting function also enables you to easily and accurately trim and shape metal parts.
  1. Maintenance and Small-scale Industrial Projects –In a maintenance or small-scale industrial setting, the MP200's versatility shines. Its compatibility with various electrodes, such as E7018, E6011, and E6010, means you can work with different materials and thicknesses, making it suitable for various repair and fabrication tasks. For instance, you may need to repair a damaged metal gate, construct a sturdy metal workbench, a unique firepit,  or even fabricate structural components for a small building. The MP200's 5-in-1 capabilities ensure you have the right welding process for the job, all within a single machine.
  1. Art and Sculpture –Artists and sculptors can also benefit from the MP200's capabilities, particularly its Smooth TIG and Plasma Cutting features. For example, creating intricate metal sculptures requires precise and clean welds that can only be achieved with a stable and controllable TIG welding process. Plasma cutting also allows artists to cut and shape metal components precisely, ensuring their vision can be brought to life with accuracy and finesse.
  2. High School Projects – need an all-in-one that can handle the wide curriculum of high school projects. Since the MP200 is a 5 in 1 machine, it can handle almost everything a high school shop teacher wants to cover.


These user examples demonstrate the broad scope of applications and projects the YesWelder FIRSTESS MP200 can handle. Its versatile and powerful features make it an indispensable tool for welders at all skill levels, proving its value in various situations and settings.