Every welder wants to get equipment that meets his expectations.  It is advisable to conduct market research and decide on the best TIG welder for money.  An ideal machine will produce good quality, clean welds and is very durable. It should possess the features and capabilities you need most and also provide a range of user options depending on the needs of the person using.

A professional welder is interested in acquiring a TIG welder that can be used in aerospace and in automotive applications. A kit that comes together with other welding accessories and can be used to weld a broad range of materials is preferable.

Tig welding 2016

This article presents a list of three of the best TIG welders for money:

The options discussed are ideal for both a professional and novice user and for an industrial or home shop. The welders are equipped with different power outputs, (ac or dc) enabling them to be used for various materials such as aluminum and steel.


Everlast Power ITIG 200dc Stick TIG Welder 110/220v
The 200dc TIG welder is high performance equipment. It is fitted with an adjustable pulse function up to 250 Hz which increases the quality of the welds and simultaneously reduces the overall heat input thus saving on energy.  The arc is smooth and has a perfect weld puddle. You can connect this welder to a clean power generator making it flexible for use anywhere.

When you need to work in different locations, the 200dc welder is best. It is portable and light and can be used in an industrial set up. The welder is very easy to use, with an easy to connect torch and accessories. The controls are color coded and come with a digital guide for accurate setting.


Thermadyne W1003202 95 Amp stick/lift TIG welding system

The thermal arc 95 is a very versatile and flexible machine. It is a multiple-process machine that accommodates the lift TIG stick process. This is important when used for welding small projects in the home such as repairs. The machine has excellent performance on a wide variety of metals including steel, and uses up to 95 Amps power which is very efficient.

This welder is very portable and weighs less than 10lbs. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects because of its ease of transportation. This is highly convenient for a person who does small to medium size projects. The machine is also packaged with other accessories such as an electrode holder, clamp and a digital visual display to guide in setting up.

This accessory makes the thermal arc 95 easier to use and set up, making this quality suitable for use both by the professional welders and the beginners.
The welder is perfect for use in maintenance and repairs, metal fabrication, automotive applications and in the farm welding.


Hobart 500551 EZ TIG 165i 230-Volt Inverter-Based AC/DC Welder

This is the quickest and easiest welding machine to set up and use. This is because it is controlled by a unique single knob. With a high weld performance from 22 gauge up to 3/16 inches in both ac and dc., the TIG 165i can weld both aluminum using the ac output and stainless steel materials using dc output rendering it very convenient and flexible.
This machine includes two carry handles in addition to it light weight of 50lbs making it a very portable design. It is also fitted with a fan to help control the dust pulled into the unit when necessary.

The welds produced from this welder are of exceptional quality.  The HF starter eliminates tungsten and material contamination. The inverter ensures the power is more consistent and is conserved. The machine automatically shuts down in case of high temperatures ensuring that it doesn’t malfunction and is durable. The TIG 165i can be remotely controlled saving on time, although it also has a hand control option for added convenience.

With the need to choose the most efficient TIG welder that gives maximum results and value for money, this is definitely the welder to go for. It delivers a broad range of benefits and therefore is able to satisfy a variety of requirements.