lighting welding torch Are you intimidated by using an oxy-acetylene torch? Let's take a look at how to light a welding torch.

It is natural to be cautious when there is a risk of catching fire as you work.

Don't let these concerns stop you from getting started with your cutting torch. The worst-case scenario that you have on your mind will rarely happen.

If you set up the entire system with the right combination and adequately handle the tools, you can always safely use a welding torch for every project.

In this article, we bring you a step-by-step guide of lighting a welding torch, the tools you will require in the process, and the safety precautions. To safely light a welding torch, not only turning it on,turning it off in a proper manner is just as important.

A welding torch is a tool that uses oxygen and low-pressure acetylene as a heat source. An oxy-acetylene torch is a primary tool for the gas welding process. The role of the torch is to proportion the combustible gas and oxygen evenly. It spouts the mixture of gases at a reasonable rate from the nozzle.

While some may believe the Oxy-acetylene may be dead, the truth is this type of welding and brazing is done all the time.

Some have chosen to move to the use of propane torch as its gas at it is a bit more stable than Acetylene.

Using a Welding Torch

As complex as it might sound, handling an oxy-acetylene torch is one of the more straightforward jobs you will come across in the field. Stages such as lighting and shutting down the welding torch are simple and easy to achieve. We bring you a step-by-step guide on how to use a welding torch and its operating procedures.

Steps to follow before lighting 

  • Check the regulator pressure screws are backed out.
  • Ensure that the cutting torch valves are safe and closed.
  • Stand at a distance from the regulator.
  • Gradually open up the acetylene and oxygen cylinder valves.
  • While holding the torch handle, adjust regulator screws to optimize pressure levels.
  • Open and close the cylinder valve to fine-tune the pressure on regulators.

Steps to follow while lighting

  • Purge the oxygen and fuel lines separately.
  • Open fuel gas valve.
  • Use the striker for the oxyacetylene flame ignition purposes.
  • Gradually increase the flow of fuel gas.
  • Stop where the flame vanishes from the end of the torch tip and no further smoke is produced.
  • Slowly decrease the fuel gas flow until the flame reaches back to the tip.
  • In the final stages, open the oxygen valve to control the neutral flame.

Shutting the torch down after final usage

  • As opened at the beginning, close the oxygen and gas cylinder valves.
  • Purge the oxygen and gas lines.
  • Check every regulator gauge to be zero.
  • Back out the pressure screws.
  • In case of any damage during the usage, must report it to the relevant person.

Correctly following the steps mentioned above would allow you to smoothly carry out the welding process and save your welding torch from taking any damage.

Pro Weld Tip!

Make a checklist and stick it in your workspace. Include all the essentials on the list and follow them as your work with your welding torch. This will save you time and ensure that you don't miss out on any essential steps while using your welding torch.

Materials needed to use a welding torch.

Some several vital components and materials must be available for you to work with a welding torch effortlessly:

  • Oxygen regulator.
  • Acetylene regulator.
  • Oxygen/Acetylene welding hose.
  • Hose couplings.
  • Single-purpose oxy-fuel cutting torch.
  • Cylinders and cart.
  • Flash arrestor and check vales (protective equipment)
  • Flint lighter to ignite the torch.

Flint Striker

An important component to ignite your welding torch is a flint striker. Also known as flint spark lighter sometimes, it is a type of lighter that has multiple uses. Most commonly used to light a gaseous fuel to light a flame safely.

In welding, a flint striker is used to ignite the flame of the welding torch. It is a significant part of the welding process (especially gas welding). Therefore, it is crucial to have a high-quality flint striker in your welding kit. This will not only improve your welding quality but also bring better results and efficiency on the field.

Triple Flint Striker with nine Rotatable Triple Flints

Triple Flint Striker is a must-have tool when you are making up your welding kit. With a feature-rich package, it saves you time and perfectly fits with your welding torch. With 9 rotatable triple flints, it is an all-in-one package for your welding kit. It includes a:

  • Welding striker
  • Flint striker
  • Torch striker
  • Spark lighter
  • Striker lighter
  • Striker

With such diverse offerings, the Ally Tools Triple Flint Striker is all you will ever need.

With such high functionality, it never compromises on the durability and long-lasting built. Therefore, if you are someone who comes across a welding torch often during work hours, what stops you from investing in the Triple Flint Striker?

Compatible with Welding Equipment

If your flint striker doesn't go well with your welding equipment, it is time to replace it today. A universal striker will save you time and bring you an increased efficiency at the workspace. This is where you must invest in the triple flint striker. The nine rotatable triple flints perfectly fit with all your welding equipment. It allows you to ignite a flame anytime, anywhere.


Since the welding process involves a lot of burning and heat, the equipment used must be durable and long-lasting. To ensure that you don't have to change your flint striker now and then, bring in the Ally Tools triple flint striker. Its zinc-plated manufacturing protects it from corrosion as well as rust. Therefore, this tool will stay in your toolkit for longer than you think. Saving your time and money.


Do you come across different scenarios as you carry out your welding activities? If your working environment doesn't remain constant, you need a reliable collection of tools. This is where the secure Triple Flint Striker comes in handy. With this high-quality spark flint lighter, you will be able to ignite flames under various working conditions safely. Therefore, no matter what the project, you can always depend on the triple flinch striker.


Who likes to buy new tools every time one runs out of fuel or wears out? The triple flint striker effectively enables you to rotate every flint refill. Moreover, every flint also contains three flints that bring you diversity and longer usage. Therefore, it is high time to get one of these flint strikers to your table.


Who doesn't love all-in-one packages? The multipurpose manufacturing of this kit allows you to carry out several types of tasks with the same equipment. This saves you not only time but also the energy that you can use on the work. The triple flint striker brings excellent diversity and can also be handy for camping trips, Bunsen burners, welding torches, and gas appliances. Therefore, help yourself with including one of these triple flint strikers in your working toolkit.


Are you the aesthetic guy in the workplace? If that is who you are, this triple flint striker by Ally Tools is the perfect investment you can make. The 27 individual long-lasting flints have an elegant zinc-plated outlook that makes your working experience pleasing and worth the hard work.

User Friendly

Igniting a flame isn't a one-time process when it comes to welding. You come across multiple instances where you have to use a flint striker. Therefore, the flint striker needs to be user-friendly and easy to use. The triple flint striker allows you to create sparks easily compared to a single flint striker. The solid handle on this triple flint striker is easy to deal with when using against a cylindrical file. Moreover, the handle is rust-resistant. This ensures that you don't injure your hands or clothes as you use it for longer periods.

Replacing Triangular Flints

Although it sounds complex, installing or replacing the triangular flints is quite simple.

  • Screw/unscrew the central screw.
  • Change or rotate the flints accordingly.


  • Zinc-plated rust and corrosion-resistant.
  • Refillable flint striker set.
  • It can be used to light a campfire, Bunsen burners, or other gas appliances.


Manufacturer – Ally Tools and Parts Corp:

The Ally Tools and Parts Corp has developed great credibility in welding-related equipment production. With high-quality manufacturing, their products last long and offer a great use-experience. The triple flint striker is an example of their innovative thinking and top-notch product quality.

Material Used – Zinc

No one wants to buy their tools every few weeks. To maintain a steady toolkit, your devices must be long-lasting and durable. The triple flint striker makes this possible with high-quality zinc manufacturing. Moreover, the zing-plating brings much-appreciated rust and corrosion resistance. Therefore, giving your money the value it deserves!


Can this be used to light a gas stove? I want to replace it with butane lighters.

Yes! You can use it to light a gas stove. Its multipurpose manufacturing allows you to use it for various purposes. However, make sure you use your strong hand when using the flint striker to ensure stability and eliminate risks.

Can it be refilled? Where can I get the refills?

Yes. As mentioned, you can refill it. The flint strikers are refillable. However, you wouldn't need to supply for a long time, given the 15 flints included in the product set. I prefer to rebuy the striker with 15 new flints.

Can you start a fire in the absence of the gas? I am looking for a reliable flint strike to start my campfires.

The answer is “Yes!”. However, you must have a substance the striker will ignite. If you are having difficulties finding that substance, check out in the nearest camping store. Mostly, the materials are some particular types of fabric fibers.


It is high time to bring in some new equipment to your welding toolkit. Not only do you need to follow all the steps of using a welding torch properly, but you also need a quality tools kit for your welding project. The triple flint striker by Ally Tools comes in with great features and capabilities. From refillable flints to rust and corrosion resistance, this product gives you real value. Therefore, what keeps you from putting your hands on one of these flint strikers. It is time to change the way you work with your welding processes.