JAXsafety_brand_logoThe fact that your head should always have the most protection is undeniable. After all, there are the eyes, ears, moth, nose, and face. In this regard, your first line of defense against danger in metal fabrication should be a helmet. While not all helmets are effective, we bring you the best Jackson welding helmet reviews so that you can make an informed choice.

Jackson is a trusted manufacturer of protective helmets among other safety apparel. The helmets are especially well rated in reviews by most welding enthusiasts. You will not be wrong when purchasing yours today. Wear a helmet all the time and keep the most vital body organs protected from injury.


Jackson Safety WH60/W60 Black Helmet Assembly – Auto-Darkening Lens

Jackson Safety WH60 W60 Black Helmet Assembly – Auto-Darkening Lens Review

Does your welding and metal fabrication feature different light concentrations? Take advantage of the black helmet with an auto-darkening functionality. The viewing space measures 4 inches in height and 3.25 inches in length. Since most metal fabrication workshops are mandated to have welding helmets, invest in this one as it meets the required ANSI safety and quality standards. Flaunt it confidently the next time officers from the industry regulators come to inspect your workshop.

The package comes with two units for your convenience. In addition, it comes with batteries, a lens holder, and an ADF Filter. You will never have to deal with the problem of low power, as it is supplied by an insightful solar panel. When the sunlight is not enough to power it, insert a few batteries to boost the power. With so many features, this product rates highly in this Jackson welding helmet review.


Jackson Safety W70 BH3 Grand DS Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Jackson Safety W70 BH3 Grand DS Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

Made with the interesting balder technology, this black welding helmet also rates well in many Jackson welding helmet reviews. It measures 12-1/4 inches in height, 9-5/8 inches in length, and 9-3/4 inches in width. Take advantage of its ability to diffuse light, its variation of luminous transmittance, and ability to see from different angles, all enabled by an auto-darkening lens filter.

As different welders have varying head sizes, this helmet comes with three headgear adjustments. The exterior is a tough plastic shell that protects your face, ears, forehead, and neck. While it keeps away sparks and spatter, you will have unmatched protection in the event of a fall. In this regard, you can use it for light metalworking as well as heavy industrial fabrication. After all, it meets all ANSI standards of safety.


Jackson Safety WH40 SmarTIGer Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet 

Jackson Safety WH40 SmarTIGer Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet review

This review agree on one thing- the effectiveness of the WH40 SmarTIGer auto darkening welding helmet. If you are a serious TIG welder, discover why you should have this helmet. It has an adjustable ratchet suspension, meaning that any head can fit in! Similarly, the heavy-duty plastic exterior protects your face, forehead, ears, and neck from the rigors of TIG metal fabrication. It weighs just 2.1 pounds, meaning that you can wear it all day without the heaviness weighing you down.

The auto-darkening lens (adf) is rated highly in EN 379 for the optimum optical quality. You will be able to see your work clearly, thanks to the ability of the lens to transmit varying luminosity. Similarly, it has the ability to diffuse light, giving you enormous protection from the infrared and ultraviolet rays emanating from high-industrial metal fabrication. Purchase one now and enjoy the unlimited benefits.


Jackson Safety Boss WH50/W50 Welding Helmet

Jackson Safety Boss WH50 W50 Welding Helmet review

If you are looking for a Jackson welding helmet with an extra large viewing area, invest in the Jackson Safety Boss right away. It has a box that measures 3.47 inches in height and 3.76 in width. Not only does it comply with ANSI safety standards, it is also in tandem with CSA regulations for quality. Like its WH60/W60 counterpart, the assembly is a box that contains two units.

Since it comes with an auto-darkening lens, you will be able to view your work appropriately, regardless of the light conditions. The only deterrent is the fact that only a battery supplies its power. However, this is not a major drawback for a welding helmet with such enormous facial protection. For this reason, it is included in the “best Jackson welding helmet reviews”.

We hope this review has helped you make up your mind. Contact us for a collection of more welding helmets and other protective apparel.