TIG welding – also known as gas tungsten arc welding – is a welding process in which metal is joined by heating it with an arc between a tungsten electrode and the workpiece. It is just one of several available welding methods and is also one of the most common.

The TIG welding method is often used when welding thick non-ferrous metal parts or even stainless steel. To get the weld production, the welder is going to need to use a tungsten electrode. This method is much more complicated than the others and isn't often employed by beginners and those just starting out.

Like with any kind of welding, it is important to have the right safety gear to avoid any injury. The welder needs to be able to protect their head and their vision at all times, and the best way to do this is by finding a suitable and appropriate welding helmet that is designed for TIG welding.

We have compiled a list of some of the best welding helmets for TIG to help you narrow down your options and find the right one for your particular welding needs.

Miller Electric Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

This welding helmet from Miller Electric is said to be one of the most efficient currently available on the market today. It features efficient auto-darkening technology, and it proves to be one of the fastest and the most consistent you can find for a TIG welding helmet. You will also find the clarity to be impeccable, and there is a rather large viewing area for the welder which offers much in the way of convenience and helps move any project along. This helmet offers accuracy and precision during TIG welding.


  • Auto-darkening
  • Large viewing area
  • Flip-up feature on the shield


  • Higher price point than other options
  • Slightly heavy front

Antra Welding Helmet

This welding helmet by Antra is listed on Amazon as one of the best sellers. It is the ideal helmet for TIG MIG MMA and plasma applications. It offers a wide viewing area with three premium sensors and a cheater lens. It also boasts of a magnifying lens compatible design. The Interference Suppression technology on this helmet helps to reduce false triggering caused by strong sunlight and fluorescent lighting.

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  • Fully automatic
  • Self-darkening test button for convenience
  • Built-in passive filter for improved UV and IVR protection
  • Low DC TIG amperage rating


  • Slightly heavy
  • Some report that it shouldn't be used with a high-frequency start
  • Not comfortable enough to sustain extended use

3M Speedglas Black Welding Helmet

This welding helmet by 3M is listed as one of Amazon's choices. The helmet comes fully assembled and ready to use. It features an auto-darkening filter that will darken instantly once the welding arc is detected. It also has three sensitivity settings on the lens that will work for most types of welding methods. The welder is also able to have a good view of their work while wearing this helmet. When done, the filter automatically returns to the clear state once welding is complete.


  • Good optical quality
  • Reliable and excellent clarity
  • Fairly large viewing area
  • Optimal arc detection


  • Lens fogs up
  • Some users reported a smaller field of view
  • Built-in minimum shade

TackLife Welding Helmet

This is another welding helmet that comes highly rated and comes with a grinding feature for TIG MIG MMA Plasma. It provides high-quality protection for the eyes while still allowing for a large viewing area. The step-less delay and sensitivity knob are adjustable, and the helmet has a magnifying lens compatible design. It is lightweight and comfortable, which speaks volumes for a welder that spends quite a few hours each day working. The lithium battery is also ideal for supporting these long-lasting working times as well.


  • Clear and bright field of view
  • Good ventilation
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Quick response and adjustable headband
  • Fast auto-darkening time


  • Headband flexes from the weight of the helmet
  • Adjustment knobs are easily disturbed by vibration

TGR Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This welding helmet offers an extra-large viewing area, which makes it easier and more convenient for welders while working. It also enhances the overall accuracy of the projects being worked on. This helmet actually has one of the largest viewing areas available for this kind of welding helmet and comes with a high-quality lens for even more improved visibility. It is an appropriate and suitable choice for TIG welding but will also work in a variety of other welding applications if needed.


  • 4 sensors and sensitivity controls for customized time response
  • Extra-large viewing area
  • Variable delay from dark to light state
  • Nylon adjustable headband


  • Materials may not offer long term durability
  • Won't fit properly with eyeglasses

Final Thoughts

With so many different welding helmets available, you may find it more than difficult to narrow down your choices and find the best for your projects. However, with any welding helmet you choose, you want to be sure that it meets ANSI Z87+ standards. These standards ensure that the welding helmets have passed independent testing showing that they are capable of surviving a high-velocity impact and offer 100% ultraviolet and infrared filtering.

You will also want to consider choosing a lighter weight helmet if you know you will be welding for longer periods of time throughout the day. A lighter helmet helps to minimize the stress and pressure being put on the welder's neck and can help reduce fatigue while improving comfort.

So, if welding is your career, you want to take the time to research each helmet you are considering to ensure that it is going to be the right match for your welding projects. If you find that you work on different types of metals, then you are probably using the TIG welding method and any of the helmets reviewed above would be a great place to start on your buying journey.