ESAB’s Sentinel A50 welding helmet with auto-darkening features is built for customers seeking the best welding experience. With its high-resistance shell, spacious viewing area, and touch screen control panel, this high-tech helmet is the perfect option for welders who take their craft seriously.



  • A large viewing area, spanning over 3.93 × 2.36 in. (100 × 60 mm). This allows for the user to have a better scope of vision for spots that would be more difficult to view while welding.
  • The shell design, made from high resistance nylon, provides top of the line protection from the elements while working.
  • Features Halo headgear. This creates a welding helmet that is well-equipped to handle trauma and impact shock, effectively reducing the risk of a concussion or other serious injury.
  • Five-point headgear makes the helmet infinitely-adjustable, providing comfort and balance unlike that of many others with its centralized pivot point so that the helmet can be shifted around adequately for instant pressure relief.
  • A color touch screen panel that incorporates eight easily accessible memory settings and a shade 4 grind button externally, making it simpler to get right down to work without having to adjust settings every time on a complicated system.
  • The auto-darkening welding helmet a shade range between 6 and 13. This range outdoes many of its competitors on the market, making the helmet perfect for a more diverse variety of projects.


  • The price of approximately 300 dollars maybe be out of the standard budget range for users. However, if this is an investment in one’s work productivity or hobby, then it is worth the price.
  • The Sentinel A50 only comes in one color and style, so there is not much room to personalize it.


What We Like

  • The helmet has fantastic clarity and allows one to view the project with fewer issues than other helmets with smaller viewing scopes
  • ESAB has proven that protection is a priority by creating a helmet that uses various features to ensure the safety of the consumer.


What We Don’t Like

  • For the price of the helmet, it could have a larger range of colors and designs to match its how attractive its internal features are.


Most customers are exceptionally happy with this helmet. Numerous reviews cite that it is one of the clearest helmets that they have ever had. They also rave about the gorgeous blue tint that the helmet’s viewer has.

There were a few criticisms that repeated themselves, with one being that the viewer can look a bit peculiar. This ranges from lens distortion and glare while moving the head to the lens easily warping when working on hot projects that require the helmet being in proximity to extreme heat.


Those seeking a helmet with advanced technological features, top tier protection, and clarity that is difficult to match need look no further than the Sentinel A50. The variety of features that this helmet encompasses makes it perfect for the welder with decades of experience or the novice looking to learn in a safe and productive fashion.

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