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If you have the opportunity of talking to an experienced cutter, they will say that one should begin with an easy to use and operate, high-quality cutter, when working with metals.

The Hobart Airforce 500i 115/230 Volt Plasma Cutter
is a very economical cutter with a multi-voltage plug, which is ideal for the beginning of a steel cutting journey.

It can cut through steel plates of 3/8 inches with ease. It cuts steel plates to a maximum of 5/8 inches. It is so versatile, as it has a power source adaptability which enables the user to change the plug to suit the outlet.

Hobart Airforce 500i 115-230 Volt Plasma Cutter reviewBeginners need equipment that they can safely work with, and this cutter is easy to use, requiring little efforts to set up.  Just plug it in after connecting the compressed air supply unit and grounding the unit.

It has a clean and precise cut with no waste and does not require pre-heating of the metal for cutting. This powerful cutter comes with engine driven welder capability, a light in weight inverter design, and multi-voltage plug for power receptacles of 120V or 230V. It has post-flow air cooling for cooling the torch and tip after use.

The fan turns on as is needed basis, which dramatically reduces the flow of dust into the unit. This in turn prevents damage to the internal components using wind tunnel technology.

This Plasma Cutter has thermal overload protection to withstand tough work and a neat cable management system for making transportation and organization of cables easy.



  • It has a multi-voltage plug which allows for switching between power receptacles, and this makes it very adaptable to the work area or place.
  • It is portable and easy to move.
  • Splendid, clean cuts on steel metal plates of 3/8 inches.
  • It does not require expertise to use as it is very simple to understand, and can be used for home improvement projects.


  • It does not handle thick metal gauges well as the cuts are not clean.
  • It cuts clean when the metal is thin, but the thicker the metal gauge gets, the more rugged and uneven the cuts will be.



What we like

Anyone can use this plasma cutter because it does not require very high skill levels to operate. If a person is a complete amateur, its ease of use helps to minimize mistakes. It can quickly switch between two voltages – 115V or 230V and, therefore, is very adaptable and can fit into any work area at home or an industrial site.

There is less clean up after use as the cuts are precise. The cuts are fast in ½ inch steel.


What we don’t like

For this plasma cutter, you will require an external air compressor unit as it does not come with an inbuilt compressor. The precision of the cuts also begins to falter as the metal thickness increases.

It would have been nice to have precise cuts with all sizes of metal plates.


Customer Reviews

Customers like the dual voltage aspect of the machine since it is very convenient. This is because it can easily be used from the home, or from a designated workshop. They also thought it does well in cutting through thin metal plates. The lightweight nature of the machine was also a favorite for most.

The price was also okay for most customers, and they believed it satisfied and exceeded their expectation in terms of delivery. Customers with minimal experience commented that it was ease of use made it a pleasure to cut through steel.


This plasma cutter is ideal for both use at home or professionally. It comes with an efficient cooling system which allows for prolonged life of the tip.

It cuts through all conductive metal nicely and with a precise cut that allows for minimal waste.

The price is right for such a machine that is economical, flexible in terms of voltage and proves to do the job very well.

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