Welding Careers you'll love:

Have you been wondering about what kind of welding jobs are there because you have always loved welding and would like to pursue a professional career with this highly valuable skill? If so, then you will find this article truly insightful, as it addresses some of the different types of welding jobs that exist today.

#1 Structural Steel Welder

When someone works as a structural steel welder, this can be related to the person performing welding within a facility that makes parts for the construction of buildings. Or this can also mean that the structural steel welder will actually be welding skyscrapers directly. In addition, structural steelworkers often are referred to by the term ironworkers. Ironworkers are the people who do the actual assembly of the steel structures for mega-sized edifices, which often requires the workers to be suspended high above the ground. As a result, this makes their work rather dangerous. But the sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing the completed project of a new skyscraper is absolutely thrilling.

#2 Factory Shutdown Welder

Working as a factory shutdown welder is a distinctive type of work due to the fact that as a welder, the person does not work in one place for a long time. Generally, each project will last for about one month. Factories close for a period of time in order to get major stuff done by welders and other professionals. The factories are shut down in order to do high levels of maintenance, engage in expansions, or install new types of tools. The factory shutdown welder will provide service for these various welding needs of the factory as required.

#3 Underwater Welder

Being an underwater welder is a thrilling type of job. However, this is regarded as being a dangerous job as well. Not everyone can qualify for this kind of welding position. One must have many years of welding experience before he or she can do this type of welding. Also, the person is required to be a diver with certification. Organizations that need underwater welders include the military, offshore oil platform construction firms as well as salvage organizations.

#4 Production Welder

Usually, a production welder will perform production welding within the setting of a production facility that consists of assembly lines. Or this type of welder may also work in a factory. MIG welding is implemented in many such scenarios due to the fact that it is fast and clean. A production welder could work on welding something to sheet metal or a beam or he or she could work on a major vessel.

#5 Robotic welder

Robotic welding is often applied in the manufacturing of vehicles or in facilities where an abundance of the same item is produced. Robotic welders will use robotic tools to see that welding jobs are completed. They may not have to do much with the tools directly in many situations, but they will have to see that the robotic tools do perform the jobs correctly. They may still by time have to use some traditional welding to fine-tune what the robotic tools may not be able to accomplish.