Need a large viewing area welding helmet?

With thousands of welding helmets to choose from. Not to mention the additional technology and amplified features included in todays helmets.  The best welding helmets will do much more than protect your eyes and face. They will also make welding much more comfortable, create welds of exceptional quality, elevate your ability in welding and guarantee that all this can be done with utmost safety.

Why you need a wide vision area

A good welding helmet should enable you to have a wide viewing area, which will make it easier for you to weld even when you need to do so from a strange position. Furthermore, there are instance where you cannot see straight forward to complete a weld. This is where a helmet that allows you peripheral vision becomes important, and this feature can only be found in the most modern helmets.

A welding helmet with a good size large viewing area should be about 3.24 * 3.34 inches. This can vary from model to model and your preference level, but three and a quarter inches should be your starting point.

Other factors to consider

Your welding helmet is an investment, and just as you would research to purchase stocks or bonds, you need to have all the facts on what makes a great welding helmet at your fingertips. Here are some features which are non-negotiable.

Auto Darkening Effect

The new year steers clear of the standard glass lens that has been part of welding helmets for decades, and instead, auto-darkening welding helmets take center stage. These helmets also feature electrical filters that can be easily adjusted to simplify the entire welding process. They are able to operate using solar power as well as batteries, to produce a darkened lens that can easily be seen through, offering excellent protection for the eyes.


Modern welding helmets need to be adjustable so that they can be used for a variety of different welds. When searching for helmets, you should seek those which have several cover lenses, both for the inside and the outside of the helmet. Furthermore, if the helmet can be adjusted to better fit your head, or if it includes additional cushioning, it should be worthy of purchase.

Battery Life

Since most helmets are now digital, you need to have a reliable source of power for your helmet. The best options are to choose a helmet that used both solar power and battery life. This enables increased versatility for your helmet, allowing you to weld in a variety of conditions. The most powerful helmets will use lithium batteries.

Weight of your Helmet

The duration which you expect to be welding will affect the weight of your chosen helmet. If you will be welding for short periods of time, you can purchase a helmet that weighs approximately 1lb. However, if you are expecting to work on a welding project for the entire day, helmets that weigh less than one pound are ideal. In addition to being more comfortable, the lighter helmets are also safer for long period use as they discourage fatigue. Avoid helmets that weigh up to 2 lb no matter how long you expect to use them. They will affect your ability to focus on the job at hand.

Top 3 Welding Helmets

1- Miller 271330 Stars and Stripes Digital Infinity Series Welding Helmet

This is a state of the art digital welding helmet with brilliant advantages over other offerings in the market. To begin with, the viewing area is 13.4, which is the largest one available in the entire industry. In addition, this welding helmet has extensive adjustability, since it includes five outside cover lenses, and two inside cover lenses. This is possible due to its oversized comfort cushion which enhances the support that it offers.

Its digital capabilities include four independent arc sensors, arc tracking technology as well as four modes for operations. It is also easy to adjust since the design is intuitive, and the buttons are an excellent size. For easy storage, it comes with a helmet bag.

2- Save Phace 3011322 Save Phace Gate Keeper EFP Gen Y Series Welding Helmet


If you have been searching for a welding helmet that is revolutionary, then you should get yourself an EFP (Extreme Face Protector) welding helmet from Save Phace. This particular helmet has an auto-darkening filter that is adjustable, between the shades 4/9 – 13. The graphic designs for the welding helmets are out of this world, giving it an element of style in addition to its effective functionality. The other unique feature this helmet offers is 180◦ perfect peripheral vision, a feature that no other helmet in the world has been able to offer. It can also be viewed as a three in one helmet since it has grind mode and also includes a splash guard. This helmet includes a helmet bag.

3- Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet – K3034-2

This is a helmet that ticks all the boxes in regards to clarity, ease of use, and excellent comfort. The main feature of this welding helmet is its excellent quality and admirable capabilities.

To begin with, it offers large views of 3.24 * 3.34 inches, with an auto-darkening toggle between 6-9 or 9-13 for continuous shade control. In addition, it can be powered by both batteries and solar power, making it versatile enough to be used in a variety of conditions. The clarity from this helmet is crisp, and even though one may be welding from an angle, the shade is maintained. The head size is adjustable, making it possible to guarantee your comfort and safety when you put this helmet on.


The future for welding helmets continues to advance, and these offerings are excellent for the discerning welder. With them, it will be possible to seamlessly enhance your welding skills, fully protect your entire face, as well as stand out from the crowd in regards to stunning design and quality. Make sure that you choose the welder that bests suits you from this list, and order it today. You are guaranteed to receive a welding helmet of exceptional quality, with the latest features so that you can work with considerable ease.