Every welder has to start at a particular point, and having the right equipment is essential. The reason being it should be easy to use, safe and offer measurable results. In this regard, the Thermal Arc 95S TIG is excellent for beginners, those who enjoy do it yourself projects and home welders who weld as a hobby.

One of the reasons that it is ideal is that it can be used both outdoors, like in an open field, and indoors such as in the garage or main house. It has both lift TIG and stick capabilities. Another added advantage is that it is highly portable.

Thermal Arc 95S TIG ReviewThe Thermal Arc 95S TIG is able to deliver 95 Amps of power to 115 volts circuits. It also includes a 20 Amp adapter plug and cable, victor custkill argon regulator/flow gauge and a TIG torch 17v.

The available models include:
Thermal Arc W1003208 – 95S Lift Stick & Dc Tig Portable Welder Kit
Thermadyne W1003202 95 Amp Stick/Lift TIG Welding System
Thermal Arc W1003203 95 S Inverter Portable DC Welder Stick/TIG Package


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  • It is safe to use as it features power, overheat and fault indicator lights.
  • This inverter has a stick / Lift TIG process switch.
  • You can get the complete kit at an excellent price. It can also be used by beginners as well as professionals and will yield good
  • It is long lasting and highly durable. In addition, it is versatile which leads to good, smooth and stable arc performance.
  • This inverter is ideal for maintenance and repairs, automotive applications, and the budding hobbyist.


  • It is not heavy duty enough for long-term use by a professional.



What we like

This inverter has a range of features and benefits that make it stand out from the other available options in the market and these include: –

  • You can cover a substantial range of light maintenance and repair jobs, including light fabrication. This is because the Thermal Arc 95S TIG is portable and easy to operate.
  • It weighs in at only 9.7 lbs., and the inverter welding source is also portable.
  • It is easy to use as it can plug in directly into a standard household outlet.
  • It arrives with an electrode holder, ground clamp, set up DVD and case.



 What we don’t like

This inverter cannot be used on any substantial jobs, it is only ideal for light welding and light fabrications.


Customer Reviews for Thermal Arc 95S

Customers have positive things to say about this inverter – in fact, out of all the reviews, there was not a single customer who had a serious complaint or concern. One customer said that although this inverter is recommended for light fabrication and home use, they have been able to use it commercially without any problems. They added that it TIG welds stainless steel very well.

Other customers concur that this inverter does not have any overheating issues, even when it is used for an extended period of time. This gave the customers an assurance of the quality of the product, based purely on its performance.

Customers also noted that this inverter is very lightweight, which makes it easy to transport and perfect to maneuver with and around when working on small projects.



The world of welding may seem to be overwhelming, especially for the first time welders, or those who are trying to perfect their skills. Products like the Thermal Arc 95S TIG help these beginners gain confidence in using the machine, and also practice with small projects until they can build up their skill levels.

This inverter is also highly recommended due to its quality and durability. It is able to last for quite some time without getting damaged by heat, and it is available as a complete kit. Therefore, when one wants to begin a welding job, they are able to do so without worrying that they may not have everything that they need, or without stopping halfway due to missing equipment.

All in all, this inverter delivers several things that include and excellent price, ease of use, assurance of quality, versatility and durability. It should be a main stay for every home welder.

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