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There are several reasons why you should choose the Ramsond Cut 50DY 50 Amp Digital Inverter Air Plasma Cutter. Especially if you expect to cut for extended periods, it is critical that you acquire a cutter that produces good quality cuts with minimal resources. Ramsond CUT 50DY 50 Amp Digital Inverter Portable Air Plasma Cutter Review

The cutter should make use of recent technology to ensure efficiency and quality.
It should be light and easy to operate for both the DIY operators who pursue cutting for hobby purposes and the professionals.

The Ramsond digital cutter can make a definite improvement on the standard of the cuts you make.


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  • The cutter is equipped with digital amp display and an integrated pressure gauge located on the front panel for easier control and monitoring.
  • The fully insulated foldable handle makes the cutter safe to handle as one is protected from potential burns and blisters that can be got in the line of duty.
  • The cutter utilizes an upgraded German made cooling system. It was designed to make use of the latest high-frequency inverter technology using the v-Mosfets and pulse width modulation (PWM) that helps to deliver a more constant and concentrated current to the cutting material. This results in a cleaner uniform cut.
  • The cutter is reduced in size and weight which makes it very portable and simple to use.
  • The cutter can be used by anybody regardless of their training to achieve smooth, clean and uniform cuts on a broad range of materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, and aluminum. This is with minimum heat input and without deformation of metal.
  • The Ramsond Plasma Cutter is designed for easy use by the DIY user and at the same time fully accommodating the demands of the professional operator.


The cutter is strictly a touch and cut model and, therefore, doesn’t have a pilot arc for high voltage low current arc.



What we like

  • The machine can be used for cutting a broad range of surfaces and materials of different thickness that include aluminum, steel, copper, brass and alloys.
  • The cutter is suitable for use by the hobbyist beginner as well as a professional to produce quality, clean, uniform and smooth cuts with minimal power input and without distortion of the metal surface.
  • The cutter is very simple to operate and is very portable.
  • The machine is very simple to control because of the digital display and pressure gauge that are fitted.
  • The cutter is very durable and provides service for longer periods of time without wearing out.


What we don’t like

The cutter amidst very many positive attributes has a shortcoming in that it is a touch and cut type, and in rare cases the air was reported to leak.


Customer Reviews

With very many positive attributes, the Rasmond plasma cutter is highly praised by its predecessor users. They do not hesitate to give a recommendation to new users. Their loyalty to this machine was mainly brought about by its ability to produce very high-quality cuts that are clean and uniform.

Its simplicity that enables it to be used by professionals as well as beginners is a feature that made many operators like this cutter.

Many operators liked the machine more because of its ability to cut through different sizes and thicknesses of materials without distortion. The cutter is also very safe and comfortable to operate because of the handles that protect from burns and blisters.

The majority of the users were quite impressed by the performance of this cutter and recommended it for use assuring satisfaction and quality.


Anytime you wish to acquire a quality cutter think no further than the Ramsond air plasma cutter. You are assured of high standard cuts that set you aside from the rest irrespective of your training.

The cutter is very affordable and is made of a material that withstands wear therefore it is very durable. This is the perfect choice that makes cutting metals more fun and brings about the best job ever.

> See ratings, reviews, specifications and prices on Amazon <