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As a welding professional you always want to have a real welding experience with your welding and cutting equipment.Experience quality cutting with LT5000D Lotos 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage. This cutter delivers high performance regardless of whether it is used for industrial, construction and home environments.

In addition, this cutter is quite portable and simple to maintain and clean. While in use, it has elements of safety, with minimal fire risks and production of pollutant gases.LT5000D Lotos 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage Review
This review provides you with relevant information to help you select a quality cutting machine that is very efficient. With reference to customer reviews, the LT5000D Lotos 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage is analyzed in light of its features and performance.

After reading this review, there is assurance that with increased knowledge on the cutter, you will be in a position to make a well-advised decision on the cutter to settle on for cutting metals.

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  • The Lotos LT5000D is a 50A dual voltage 110/220v AC digital inverter plasma cutter that is designed to withstand extensive use in industrial, construction and home use.
  • The cutter is very easy to clean and maintain and is very safe to use.
  • With a reduced fire hazard and lower noxious gases, the machine can safely produce better, cleaner cuts.
  • The torch trigger in the machine can be adjusted for customized use either in finger or thumb positions.
  • The cutter is very portable and therefore it is easily used with minimal fatigue. This cutter can cut through thicker material at high frequency with no distortions on the workpiece.
  • The MOSFET transistors provide high power output for thick metal cutting and steady output for thin metal cutting.
  • With the use of pulse width modulation technology, the inverter power supply produces welding currents and by use of switch power inverter technology, the dimensions and weight of the transformer is reduced, increasing efficiency by thirty percent.
  • This cutter is suitable for use in home DIY jobs and small projects.


The inverter plasma cutter is not fitted with a circuit breaker and, therefore, one needs to purchase one separately to prevent power outage problems that could result in the breakdown of the machine, destructing its normal operation.



What we like

This cutting machine possesses features that are very beneficial to the operators. They make the plasma cutter a preference over other cutters. They include:

  • The cutter produces very quality and clean cuts with minimal distortion of the workpiece.
  • The cutter is very portable and is suitable for use in home DIY projects and light duty small projects.
  • This machine is suitable for use in industrial, construction and home environments.
  • The machine is easy to use and maintain and can be used by both experienced operators and first-time
  • The machine comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that ensures maintenance of the cutter.


What we don’t like

The cutter is at risk of destruction due to electric problems because it does not have circuit breakers fitted.


Customer Reviews

The cutter has received numerous positive reviews for its good performance. The customers were specifically very excited by the quality clean and smooth cuts from this machine. Its simplicity to operate makes its very suitable for use by novice users.

Most users were thrilled about the durability of the plasma cutter and its ability to cut through thick metals without distortion. The machine can be used for cutting different type of metals ranging from mild steel, aluminum and copper.


To get clean, smooth and high-quality cuts requires investing in the best quality cutter. For these qualities, the plasma cutter is a perfect choice. It is very light in weight and therefore you can use for longer without feeling overly fatigued.

This machine gives the opportunity to cut through different type of materials and, therefore, is very flexible and reliable to use. If you need to acquire a metal cutter, this machine should be your first choice. It guarantees quality and value for your money.

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