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Cutting can be an unforgettable experience with the  Hobart Airforce 250ci Light Weight Plasma Cutter.

The reason is that it offers an exceptionally easy to use cutting system. It is available with manageable weight of 31.5 pounds.

Structurally, it has an inbuilt air compressor, a very light inverter power supply and a fan that runs only when it needs to. This minimizes dust flow into the unit.

Airforce 250ci Light Weight Plasma Cutter Review 2016Building on the great experience are the LED lights that indicate power and temperature status, as well as how ready the torch is for use. Some fantastic additional features include thermal overload protection, post-flow air cooling for the cooling the tip and the torch, an ergonomic torch and lastly but not least an effective strap system to handle the torch, cable and cords for convenient transporting.

Quick set up with no adjustments makes this a standout choice for use by non-professionals around the home. After use, you will also find cleaning very easy because it has a clean and precise cut which reduces waste.

Cutting through thin sheets of metal will only take a second, although it will take a little more time cutting through thick metal like ¼ Inch steel. For more convenience, there is an extended ground cable to facilitate easier movement around the work area.

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  • It is light weight and, therefore, easy to transport.
  • It does not require technical set up just plug in and begin cutting. There are no adjustments to be made like air pressure or amperage.
  • It is powered by a 120V, 20 amp Circuit and, therefore, is safe to use with the household current. It has a voltage of 76 volts.
  • It has its own built-in compressor, so no extra costs are incurred.


  • It takes a while to cut through thick metal ¼ inch steel. The cuts are also not precise in thicker
  • The tip takes some time to cool off.
  • The tip guide is frustrating to use.
  • There is a rest in between cycle times that can be quite frustrating if you are handling long jobs.



What We Like

Speed is a great advantage with this cutter, as It cuts through thin steel plates very fast. It is easy to use at home without professional guidance.

It is also not a heavy machine, and this creates ease during transportation and handling. The inbuilt compressor saves a lot on having to purchase an accompanying compressor. The long ground cable comes in handy when you have to move about.



What We Don’t Like

The tip takes quite a while to cool and this can waste some time. It does not work well with an extension cord and will require a direct plug in into the outlet. The power is very low when it comes to thick gauge metal. Hence it takes a while to cut through, and the cut in thicker metal is not clear.


Customer Reviews

Customers have found it very efficient in cutting through thin sheets of metal but are unhappy with the time it takes to cut thick gauges of metal. They also enjoy that it does not require a lot of expertise to set up, just plug it in and use, and the weight makes it easier to transport.

Customers also like the inbuilt compressor since it saves them from extra costs. They appreciate the portable nature of the machine.


This is the best tool for sheet metal cutting for both professional works and simple home improvement projects. It can be used for thicker metal gauges albeit on an occasional basis. It is sufficient to work with for longer hours and due to the inbuilt compressor it is easier to carry along for work anywhere.

However, if interested in a machine that will cut through thick metal specifically and for longer hours, then this is not the machine for you as it will do the job but at a slower pace. Overall this is very nice device for use around the home, in simple projects and professionally in an industrial setting.

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