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As a metal expert, finding the right tools should be the most important agenda on your list. That is quite possibly how the Hobart Airforce 700i 230-Volt Plasma Cutter would be your only choice.

This is a high-performance cutting system that uses simple and reliable technology. It cuts a range of 5/8 inch to 7/8 inch mild steel effectively. Industrial users sing its praises as it features a very efficient cooling system for its tip which enables it to withstand tough working conditions.

It also cuts conductive metal faster and cleaner than its competing cutters, allowing for minimal clean up after cutting. It has a unique feature which is a post flow air cooling system for cooling the torch and the tip after use. The wind tunnel technology enables it to avoid damage to inner components.

Hobart Airforce 700i 230-Volt Plasma Cutter reviewThe fan that works on a when needed basis reduces the amount of dust that gets pulled into the unit. Its thermal overload system is built to withstand tough working environments. The line voltage compensation gives it a steady peak performance under variable input voltage conditions and a power factor correction that expands the operator’s work area.

Finally, it has a new ergonomic torch and a cable management strap for easier packing and portability. It is compatible with engine driven welders.

This plasma cutter also comes with some handy accessories including a work cable clamp, extra consumables, a power cord, a built-in gas/air filter and regulator and even an owner’s manual to guide the user with set up and instructions.

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  • It is very compact and portable.
  • It is easy to use and does not require intense technical know-how to operate.
  • The cuts are very clean, very precise and give a good finish to jobs done.
  • This plasma cutter is compatible with engine driven welders, and this means it can cut up to 7/8 Inches metal with this power.


  • You have to have a compressor for it, and this is at an extra cost.



What we like

This cutter is preferred for tougher jobs because it gives a clean and precise cut. Its portability makes transport much easier.

It has an excellent cooling system which helps the tip to last much longer, and when slicing through metals, it provides an impressive performance as it makes steady cuts. There is no need to tune the flame or adjust gas settings just plug in and use.

The power factor correction minimizes trips caused by voltage drops, and this reduces the frustration of interruptions during work.



What we don’t like

There are two ways this product can improve. First it needs a compressor. It will cut through thick metal at high power – only when it is used with an engine driven welder.


Customer Reviews

Customers like the performance of this plasma cutter, as it has clear and steady cuts. They also like the overall construction of the cutter, that it is lightweight and, therefore, easy to move around or transport.

Another likable feature among the customers was that it was easy to use because it does not require high skill levels.

Some customers thought it was unfortunate that it does not come with cnc torch and that it is not cnc compatible and requires extensive wiring.


This cutter will be an ideal machine for heavy duty work if you power it with an engine driven welder. It has a steady cut and a high-performance rate. It is portable and, therefore, can be taken to any work site.

This machine can be used by anyone who has the basic knowledge of handling a cutter, and it is sure to produce the best results. The features on this plasma cutter enable the cutter to have a long life and efficiency during the cutting process. This in turn gives the user the assurance of having a cutter that will keep on going and going without faltering.

This plasma cutter is an excellent buy and will guarantee top most satisfaction to the user. It is a tool for every person who values excellence and precision cutting.

> See ratings, reviews, specifications and prices on Amazon <