When looking for multiprocess welders, you will find that they come in an assortment of different sizes and combinations that can accommodate the different welding types. The quality of these multiprocess welders is also dependent on exactly what it is needed for.

Multiprocess welders make it possible for a welder to take on different fabrication and construction jobs without having to switch power sources. This is extremely helpful on job sites or when the welder is out in the field. They can save a considerable amount of time and money and can perform MIG, Stick, TIG, and even Flux-Cored welding processes.

Need help narrowing down your choices for the best multiprocess welder for your needs? We have compiled a list of the most highly reviewed and available multiprocess welders for your consideration.

The Everlast PowerPro Multiprocess Welder

This is a lightweight and conveniently portable multiprocess welder with a pulse and cutter. It is a TIG, Stick, and Plasma cutter combination welder that is both compact and powerful. It features easy to use controls and allows for the quick change out of torches so you can go from TIG to plasma and then back to TIG welding. The inverter design of this welder also allows for low power consumption, and there is an overcurrent indicator that effectively warns when the duty cycle has been exceeded on the welder. This welder weighs approximately sixty pounds.


  • Clean and smooth plasma cuts
  • Welds almost any metal
  • Exceptional arc stability
  • Easy to use controls
  • Simple selector switch for process changeovers


  • Not considered a clean power source when used with generators
  • Plasma uses up a lot of power

Lincoln Electric Multiprocess Welder

This multiprocess welder by Lincoln Electric is lightweight and portable and weighs only approximately 40 pounds. It is also possible to use any kind of common power supply because of its dual voltage inputs, which makes it great for any job site. Its setup is easy with its push and turn digital controls, and the large color display helps guide you through the entire setup process. This welder is primarily used for MIG welding, but it can adapt for TIG, stick, and flux core welding as well.


  • Great quality
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Uses any common power supply


  • User's manual isn't the best
  • You need to buy attachments

Weldpro Multiprocess Welder

This multiprocess welder is known for going above and beyond MIG and Flux Core welding. This model is capable of true lift TIG welding, stick welding, and aluminum welding and also comes equipped with the spool gun. It has everything you need at a more than affordable price. It also features easy to adjust and easy to read digital outputs which makes it much easier to use. It is also a very compact and portable multiprocess welder option that is perfect for any job you need to get to. Such a small machine, but still packs an incredible punch and is very capable for what you need to do.


  • Affordable
  • Small and compact
  • Capable of different welding methods
  • Easy set amperage
  • All in one welder


  • Low energy efficiency
  • Only has a 30% duty cycle
  • Not suitable for heavy duty jobs

ESAB Rebel EMP 2161C

This multiprocess welder is small and compact and is still a multiprocess welder machine that is capable of MIG, flux core, stick, and TIG welding methods. It weighs approximately 55 pounds, so it is on the lighter side and the machine is able to run on 110 or 230 volts. It is a more than affordable choice for a beginning welder or for someone who needs something capable of those lighter welding jobs. The many handles this product features makes it easily portable and it also comes with a TIG torch and regulator – most multiprocess welders do not come equipped with this.


  • Roll-cage industrial design
  • MIG arc and TIG life arc are smooth and steady
  • Small, compact, and portable


  • Plastic pieces aren't strong on the TIG gun
  • Shielding tips are not very secure

Forney Multiprocess Welder

This multiprocess welder by Forney comes with both a stick and MIG setup and can also accommodate a spool gun, TIG torch, and foot pedal, but these are all sold separately. It does, however, include a flowmeter and gas hose. It is also capable of Flux Core welding but only accepts 4 and 8-inch spools. The welder can easily be changed out for stick welding, and the TIG welding setup is sold separately. This machine is able to optimize the arc, minimize spatter, and produce a higher quality weld.


  • Only 43 pounds and very portable
  • Comes with an adaptable plug
  • Simple to operate
  • Requires little to no setup


  • Duty cycle is only 20%
  • Not suitable for heavy duty jobs

Lotos Technology Combo Welding Machine

This combination welding machine can be set up in just minutes and has a dual voltage input. It features a non-touch plasma cutter that can cut through a variety of surfaces and has a compact plasma cutter handle for portability. It is also capable of TIG welding, but the foot pedal is not included. This three in one combo is suitable as a plasma cutter, TIG welder, and stick welder. The pilot arc torch can efficiently cut through surfaces without any problem and makes getting the job done a lot easier. It weighs approximately 45 pounds, so it is compact and portable and can run on 220V/110V and dual frequency.


  • Easy arc starting and set up
  • Cuts a variety of metal thicknesses
  • Built-in safety to protect against thermal overload


  • Doesn’t come with a spool gun
  • May be hard to mount because of the gas hose connection
  • Plasma cutter may have difficulty starting the pilot arc

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest advantages you will find with multiprocess welders is the versatility that these machines offer. They are just as powerful as industrial-grade welders and can handle some of the same jobs, whether it is a heavy duty job you are facing or some lighter welding jobs and use around the home or shop.

When looking for your next multiprocess welder, be sure to make sure that the product you are considering has enough amps of output power so it can handle the job you need it for. If it is a bigger project, you will definitely require more output power.

You also want to make sure that the machine is easy to set up and isn't too complicated to learn and operate. The choices we have listed for you above are a great place to start as you search for the best multiprocess welder for your next welding job.