Having a great pair of welding boots during welding is important because they keep you comfortable and safe. However, most individuals don't often give priority to welding boots when they think about purchasing welding accessories.

What they don't know is that welding boots are as vital as the welding helmet they are religiously bargaining to buy. In fact, having a full welding gear is what sets aside qualified professional welders from the rest.

Quick Picks – Keep reading for reviews

You just can't hit the welding site without your welding boots. If you want excellent protection of your feet from falling objects and falling sparks, then you have to get the best welding boots. Moreover, these boots will protect you from accidents involving the electricity that you may encounter during welding.

Most people often have a hard time when it comes to shopping for the best welding boots for their welding needs. This is mainly because of the many brands of welding boots in the market that claim to offer the highest quality, something that makes the search even more difficult.

In order to make the search easier for you and to enable you to pick the best welding boots in the market, we have taken time to compile a review of various welding boots that we believe are of the highest quality and are capable of delivering to you the best protection.

Our Top Welding Boot Picks and Reviews

Dr. Martens Ironbridge

If you are looking for a pair of high-quality welding boots that can put up with the toughest tear and wear at the most hazardous welding site, then these might be your best pick.

The Good

For starters, this might be the best pick since it's made with a tough rugged outsole that protects you from sliding in wet or slippery floors. The upper part is made with water-resistant and industrial grizzly leather that is non-processed and 100 percent natural for maximum protection to keep hazardous elements out. The leather fabric is able to wick off moisture away in order to keep your feet cool and fresh all the time.

These welding boots are absolutely flexible. The removable insole and the ankle padding provides an impeccable comfort without compromising their quality. In order to protect your toes from impacts, these boots come fitted with a steel toe cap that is not as heavy as similar boots on the market place.

The boots are also electric hazard protected, which means that you will be safe from the dangerous exposure to open circuits at the welding site. Get your welding projects moving in a smooth manner with this lightweight and extremely long lasting Dr. Martens Men's Ironbridge welding boots.

The Bad

The soles of these welding boots are exceedingly soft to ensure they are flexible. This, however, makes them melt a bit whenever you step on very hot stuff. As such, take care not to step on hot items when wearing these boots.

Considering everything about these welding boots, it's no doubt they are the best you can purchase.

Timberland PRO Men's 53530 8″ Metguard Steel-Toe Boot

If you want a top-grade pair of welding boots, then you should have a look at these Metguard Steel-Toe Boots.

The Good

These welding boots offer excellent quality. Their design features a tall ankle with lace-ups to provide the extra support and comfort that you need while working. Basically, these boots are designed and manufactured to ensure comfort, safety, as well as durability.

To ensure your safety, these boots feature a steel shank, a steel toe, and a waterproof steel metatarsal guard that meet the ASTM safety standards for impact and compression resistance. In case a metal or any object falls on your feet, these welding boots will ensure you enjoy absolute protection from any harm.

They come with a rubber outsole that is slip, oil, and abrasion resistant to safeguard you from falling when walking on slippery surfaces. The interior features a durable cushioning with a comfort-inspired design.

These comfortable welding boots come with a hinged design guard that ensures they are fully flexible. They also come with an asymmetrical shield design that enables them to take the natural shape of the wearer's foot.

Timberland PRO Men's Met Guard Welding Boots feature a Kevlar sewing thread that protects your feet from sparks. Besides, these boots are manufactured with heat and abrasion resistant Ever-Guard leather fabric that renders them more durable as compared to the normal welding boots that you will find on the market today.

The Bad

These boots are designed to be robust and sturdy in nature, which in turn makes them relatively heavy. As a result, they can be tiring when worn all day long. Besides, the stitching on the backside often loosens just after a few days of use. This means that they are not as last long as similar models in the market.

In general, this is yet another pair of welding boots from Timberland that will offer you enough protection while undertaking construction and welding tasks.

Rock Fall Spark RF5000 Metal Free Composite Toe Welders Welding Safety Boots

If you are looking for the best metal free welding boots, then these are the boots you might want to pick.

The Good

Rock Fall RF5000 boots are designed and manufactured from premium quality buffalo leather material. The premium leather material is flame retardant and comes fitted with Velcro-fastened leather straps to ensure your feet are secured inside the boots. Its stitching makes it more flame resistant.

These welding boots are well-fitted with impact resistant fiberglass toe cap that protects your feet and toes from any impact at welding or construction site. The composite and penetration resistant midsole will also increase the safety of your feet. The removable insole works to cushion the footbed in order to make your working as comfortable as possible.

The outsole is manufactured from Force10 heavy duty nitrile, which is SRC slip resistant rated. It provides the highest stability that you will need at your welding site. As such, you don't have to worry even when walking on slippery surfaces at your worksite.

The Bad

Even though these welding boots are perfectly made, they run small, which means that they can only fit those with small-sized feet. Additionally, they aren't comfortable all day long; the leather fabric is really stiff and the front buffalo fastening strap can easily bruise your ankle area.

Overall, these welding boots are specifically made to provide safety for those with small-sized feet!

Iron Age Men's Ground Breaker IA5016 Work Boot

If you are working on a tight budget, spend a little amount of effort as well in finding the best welding boots by picking these Ground Breaker IA5016 Work Boots from Iron Age.

The Good

These boots come fitted with a steel toe cap and a metatarsal guard to ensure your feet are fully protected from falling objects. As such, if your working site is characterized by falling items and other hazards, then these welding boots are the best at protecting you.

The welding boots feature 1.5” heel and a rubber outsole that is crafted from Goodyear Welt Construction that offers slip, oil, and chemical resistance. This ensures that the boots last long enough while protecting your feet from harm.

The upper side of these welding boots is made from full grain leather with Kevlar stitching to make them last longer. The leather fabric has been buffed to ensure it remains stronger. The flame-resistant Kevlar stitches ensure it remains in good condition even when sparks fall on it. For more comfort, they come with removable insoles and are well-cushioned with a sponge around the hell wedge.

The Bad

The bad thing about these boots is that they run large, which means that they are not great for persons with small-sized feet. Moreover, they feel heavy as compared to a number of boots in the market.

Overall, these are greatly reliable and reasonably priced welding boots that make a great choice for someone working on a tight budget.

Timberland PRO Men's 40000 Met Guard 6” Steel Toe Boot

Timberland Pro Men's 40000 boots are mainly designed and manufactured for professional welders who are already on top of their profession.

The Good

These welding boots are designed to protect your feet from falling objects with its hinged metatarsal guard and the steel toe cap. They feature a 6” shaft that is ideal for those who prefer ankle-high boots for comfort and more support.

They come with a rubber outsole that is well ridged to make it heat, abrasion, and oil resistant. The pair is also designed to take up the natural shape of your feet while the Hinged Met Shield makes it comfortable and easy to squat in. It's manufactured from flexible materials without compromising the comfort of your feet.

These boots are made durable from Ever-Guard leather that is one of the best abrasion resistant leather in the market. With the Kevlar stitching, your protection against sparks is guaranteed.

The Bad

These boots are made to provide the welder with protection, comfort, and longevity at its best. When using it, however, you have to contend with their heavyweight properties. As a result, wearing them all day long can be tiring.

Overall, these are the most solid pair of welding boots that you can ever have from Timberland.

Caterpillar Men's Revolver Pull-on Steel-Toe Boot

If you prefer simple but effective work boots, then Caterpillar Men's Revolver Pull-on could be your best bet.

The Good

These boots are designed and made simple without necessarily compromising the protection and comfort they are supposed to offer you while at your welding site. The upper part is entirely made from a full-grain leather fabric that not only provides protection against hazardous falling object and sparks but also offers non-negotiable durability.

The outsole features a rubber material that is highly resistant to corrosion from chemicals and rugged for maximum traction. Once your feet slip into these boots, you will feel the comfort of the well-padded collar support that prevents ankles from rubbing. Above all, it is lightweight.

The Bad

These boots are not easy to break in but are a lot comfortable once broken in. The slight discomfort due to the outer metatarsal steel tongue is also another disadvantage of these boots.

Overall, these are simple pair of boots that won't wreck your budget. With them, you will definitely get value for your money.

Welding boots keep you safe!

There are many reasons why you should consider wearing welding boots every time you are working at a construction site. Are you a hobby welder? Consider spats instead, read below.

One of the most important factors to consider is safety. Generally, welding entails exposure to hazardous materials like hot metals, other hot substances, and corrosive materials. Welding boots are specifically designed to protect your feet from such hazards.

Moreover, a welder's feet could be exposed to electrical shock. As such, the non-conductive rubber soles of these boots are designed to minimize the risks of electric shock, unlike your favorite boots.

As a welder, you have to work with sharp metal objects that can pierce your favorite boots with ease, thus exposing your foot to injuries. With these welding boots, however, your safety is guaranteed.

Working with hot molten metals that might spill or splash into your feet makes these heat resistant welding boots such important accessory. Moreover, they will protect you against the splashing sparks that might pierce into your feet.

Welding Spats as an alternative for the hobby welder

Welding spats are cheap and effective for an occasional welder. These are simple leather protection that go over the top of your favorite boots.

While they don’t provide the same level of shock and heat protection that a nice pair of boots will, they will protect your feet from hot slag. These are perfect for the hobbiest or handyman who only needs to weld once in a while. Here are some of our favorites:

ZaoProteks ZP3002 Cowhide Leather Heat and Abrasion Resistant Welding Spats

Cowhide Leather Welding Spats


The best welding boots are those that will offer you protection and comfort all day long while working at your welding site. Boots that keep up with the heat and withstand sharp pieces of metal from the sole or the upper parts are deemed to be the best. It's worth investing in quality protective work boots that will make your welding job even more comfortable than spoiling your favorite casual boots.

Make sure you pick the right pair of welding boots to make your welding job safer and efficient.