Best-Hobart-Plasma-Cutter-ReviewThere are many manufacturers of steel cutters and welding equipment in the world today. However, only a few companies are respected for innovative plasma cutters. One of the most valuable names in the industry, today is Hobart. We have outlined a Hobart plasma cutter review of the top 4 best machines. Take advantage of it this year and cut your way to success.

These machines feature in this list because of the quality of cuts, durability, portability, and general efficiency. You will not be wrong if you pick one for your commercial or construction firm today.


Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i 115/230 Volt Plasma Cutter

Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i 115-230 Volt Plasma Cutter - ReviewIf you are looking for a trendy Hobart machine that delivers like a powerhouse, invest in the 500548 right away. Not only will you be able to cut mild and thick steel, but you will also work with aluminium, copper and other conductive materials with equal efficiency. Cut super thin sheets, 3/8-inch and 5/8-inch materials by interchanging the voltage.

A multi-voltage plug that runs on 115V as well as 230V enables this. In fact, you do not need any tools to change the plug. The multi-voltage plug (MVP) is already compatible with your standard household power. In a matter of minutes, you will cut through your first metal after buying the equipment. The ease of setting up puts this machine way above its counterparts in the Hobart plasma cutter review. After connecting a compressed air supply, switch it on and cut metal.

The highly economical plasma cutter has an inverter-based design and technology that comes in a trendy portable package. It has exciting features such as the cable management strap that ensures easy handling of the power cord, work cable, and torch. Its wind tunnel innovation ensures dust and particles do not damage its internal parts. After all, the fan works only when on demand.


Hobart Airforce 500534 250ci Light Weight Plasma Cutter

The standard household current of 115 VAC is enough to power this steel cutter. This makes it ideal for HVAC installation work, vehicle body repair, plumbing, farm, and household metal repairs. As it boasts of a built-in compressor, you do not need to buy any compressor separately. This way, you will not incur costs in transporting pressurized gas in cylinders. After all, you may get the settings of an external air pressure wrong! Similarly, you will not have to worry about running out of gas while cutting metal.

If you want more precise cuts, less slag and thinner kerfs, invest in the 250ci right away. The machine is optimized to cut ¼-inch mild steel, but you can also cut other conductive metals such as aluminium. The unit comes with a 16.5-foot heavy-duty clamp and a 7-foot long power cord connected to a 115 VAC plug. Similarly, there is a cable management strap and extra replacement tips.

If you have had the trouble of portability in the past, you will now bid it goodbye. This Hobart weighs just 27 pounds, allowing you to carry it from place to place with relative ease. It measures 10 inches in height, 7.5 inches in width and 13 inches in length. Evidently, you can store it a corner of your workshop, and it won’t interfere with your other machinery and materials.


Hobart 500546 Airforce 700i 230-Volt Plasma Cutter

If you are looking for an economical plasma cutter that can navigate through all conductive metals, this one is for you. This year, make sensible spending with this power-friendly machine. Cut up to 7/8-inch stainless or mild steel. Similarly, cut brass, copper, and aluminium with equal efficiency.

The machine protects its internal parts because the fan does not run when uncalled for. Instead, it runs only during a heavy industrial cutting session. In this case, its highly innovative thermal overload protection enables it withstand hostile working conditions. The machine weighs just 35 pounds and measures 14.2 inches in height, 8.2 inches in width and 11.2 inches in length.

Another reason, why it makes it to the top 4 Hobart plasma cutter review, is that it packs a lot of technology in a simple portable package. When you buy, ensure the box contains the plasma cutter itself, an HP-70 hand-held torch, work cable, and clamp, power cord with plug, and extra consumables. Similarly, check for the built-in air filter, gas regulator, and an instructional manual.


Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder

When it comes to metal cutting and welding, Hobart’s equipment, tools, and accessories lead the pack. The 500559 wire welder easily welds 24-gauge ¼-inch mild steel as well as other steel materials. It can work in the environment ranging from 25 to 140 amps while running on the ordinary 115V household current.

Take advantage of its incredible lightweight design and move from your workshop to your clients’ premises with speed. The machine comes ready for your work, so you do not need any additional kits. While it weighs 64 pounds, it measures 19 inches in height, 11 inches in width and 13 inches in length. Invest in this machine designed in Troy, OH USA and enjoy its valuable Hobart industrial warranty.