Save Phace is one of the interesting brands in the manufacture and supply of welding helmets. If you look at the best Save Phace welding helmet reviews, you will be wowed by the beautiful creations featured. The company is well known not only for quality, but also for style.

Perhaps, their vision is to manufacture the most attention-grabbing Best-save-Phace-Welding-Helmet-Reviews for this 2016welding helmets. If you are looking for a helmet that fuses artistic design with protection from the rigors of metalworking, then Save Phace is the way to go.

As a result, we have searched far and wide to bring you the best headgears. From now henceforth, you do not have a reason to keep your old weathered helmet. Since the safety is the number one priority, invest in a hood that has been approved by various regulatory authorities.

This away, you will stay out of trouble with the law. More importantly, your general head and face safety will climb one rung higher.


Save Phace EFP Gen Y Series Welding Mask – Venom

This helmet will attract you at once upon looking at its design.You will actually wonder why you hadn’t bought it in the past. Designed in the shape of a human skull, the Venom has artistic impressions on its exterior. More importantly, ANSI, CSA, and CE approve its quality, durability, and ease of use. It has ADF shades of 4/9-13 and comes with adjustments for grind and sensitivity.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose headgear, this is your safest bet. While it is a grinding mask, it is a 9-point welding helmet and a splashguard as well. It is, therefore, no wonder that it ranks highly in our list. There are arguably no helmets headgears that are as versatile as the Y Series from Save Phace. Invest in it and benefit from the automatic dimming #3 #10 lens. The gadget has an adjustable delay and the sensitivity functionality.


Save Phace Gen X Series Welding Mask – DOA

The Generation X Series comes with killer graphics on its exterior. It seems like its competing for the killer graphics awards with its Gen Y Series. It has a 180-degree viewing lens to guarantee you the optimum peripheral viewing. It boasts of a rounded shape that avoids trapping your breath.

In this regard, the mask is 6 degrees cooler. With amazing auto-darkening ability, it comes with a replaceable headband that is sweat absorbent. Only a few products in the best Save Phace welding helmet reviews have this.

The helmet weighs 2.4 pounds, not too heavy to work with all day long. In addition, its rounded shape helps you access tiny spaces under the car or in the workshop. Exploit the fact that it is ANSI, and CE approved and use it in almost all metal working scenarios- plasma cutting, welding, and TIG/MIG welding.

In fact, you will be tempted to use it as a motorbike-riding helmet. Similarly, you can use it when power washing, grinding fiberglass, trimming trees, for snowball fights and a host of other non-metalworking activities.


SavePhace Gen Y Gate Keeper Welding Helmet

You will be forgiven to think that this helmet is for speed bike racing! Although it is a welding helmet, it is stylishly designed to resemble its racing counterparts. It has a mainly black exterior that is accentuated with reddish-orange impressions. Its trendy look does not mean it compromises on quality.

While it weighs 2 pounds, it measures 10 inches in height, 12 inches in width and 9 inches in length. These small dimensions allow you to access the tiniest of spaces when welding. The shell is made of a high-impact heavy-duty nylon to serve you for many years. It has ANSI, CSA, and CE certifications.


Save Phace Extreme phace protector Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Just like its Save Phace counterparts, the Extreme Face Protector has exciting graphics on the exterior. With a 180 degrees welding lens, your view and peripheral vision is hugely enhanced. It is an auto-darkening helmet whose adjustments you can change.

The fact that it is ANSI and CE approved places it highly among the best Save Phace welding helmet. While its interior is comfortable, it is also cooler and allows your breath to escape. This makes it ideal not only for welding and general metalworking, but also for cutting ceramics, ripping wood and shoveling snow!